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the one

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introduction //

In this post I am breaking down the layers and illusions around soulmates + twin flames + ur one true love, THE ONE. This is crucial information bc the illusions around these concepts are causing so many ppl to end up in abusive relationships and to get their hearts broken and to give the enemy access to them. It also causes ppl to lower their standards and to settle for mediocrity. Pls understand I am not trying to say anything in here to offend. I am simply stating the facts as they have been presented to me in the hopes that this will help ppl better protect themselves from these harmful spiritual agendas.


the heartbreak agenda //

It is important to always keep at the forefront of ur awareness that there are many who attempt 2 deceive u into thinking their relationships are rooted in tru love. Especially online. It's always easier for ppl to deceive u online. Never forget that. Some are knowingly deceiving u — not innocent. Some are simply deceiving themselves — innocent, but still harmful. Most of us have been there before, when u truly believed that relationship was real tru love only to discover that the person u were w was pretending to love u unbeknownst to u. This is a very innocent self deception as it's only natural to want to be loved and to love and it is more than a want it is a basic need but in u trying to get this basic need met, u can be easily targeted for the evil heartbreak agenda. I would like to state for the record that I have never once in my life offline or online seen ANYONE truly embodying the standards of a holy matrimony and i have met ppl from all walks of life and traveled the world. And so it's not easy to spot the red flags of ppl deceiving u into thinking they are in love (w ill intent) or ppl deceiving themselves (not ill intent - but again still is harmful) bc they are still not aware of the standards required bc it does not yet exist in the physical. And there is a reason for that. Of which I will get into later, but not in this post.

Spiritual health n protection means u need to be aware that there ppl out there who are part of the evil spiritual colonizer regime and their agenda is to give the illusion that what they are experiencing is real tru love to lure ppl away from the reality and mentality and standards of what real love is. But when u look closely at the details, if u have the eyes to see, u will notice that the standards of their connection are far below the standards that are required for the Holiest to bless their union as a holy matrimony. U see when human's standards are set at a low bar this makes it easier for these evil spirits to trick n control u. They need ur standards lower so u will stay beneath them. But when the standards are set above the evil spirits where they cannot trick n control u then they lose all their power over u.

The heartbreak agenda is very real. N if ur a real tru lover, then ur heart getting shattered, especially repeatedly, is not good at all. Many ppl die from heartbreak. It is a trauma. It will slow u down. It will hinder growth. At least this is what it is designed to do. Now, can u use it to ur advantage? Yes. But it's not easy. N u can only truly do so if ur aware that at the root these evil agendas are designed to destroy u. If ur a tru lover, then I know u can feel how unnatural it is for ur heart to be breaking. Ppl die from it. Or they become addicted to drugs and alcohol and slowly degrade. It is more than just a heartbreak. It is a betrayal. Ur not only dealing w loss and grief but also the reality that who u thought loved u actually hated u and in most of these cases, they want u dead, or they could care less if u died and would just use ur death as clout and pretend to care. And this is horrifying to realize. When ur a tru lover, u love w the intent for eternity. N there are many out there that pretend to love u w that same intent all so they can take advantage of u. When love is truly blessed by the Holiest, ur not supposed to lose it. But part of the spiritual war, actually a significant part of this war, is keeping tru love from becoming a reality. And that is bc of the power it holds over the false mother (Lilith) and the false father (Lucifer). Chances are if u were in a relationship w someone who pretended to be in love w u they were possessed by Lucifer or Lilith. Remember these evil spirits can inhabit many bodies at once n have many legions n many names. And these evil spirits are fundamentally incapable of truly loving anyone. But they are experts at pretending to be in love w u. The Holiest will never bless a union of a real tru lover w someone who is possessed by these evil spirits. But when it's two real tru lovers who are at the emotional and mental and spiritual standards and maturity of Holy Union, that means that the Holiest can see clearly that ur both committed to these standards within urselves and in ur relationship and to each other and all u create together, for eternity. There is no such thing as divorce. There is no such thing as falling out of love w each other. U will never cheat or lie or look at anyone else as an option. U will only grow more deeply in love every second of this eternal life. In the worst case scenario, this means that if anything were to ever happen to one of u, u will still honor ur union and never remarry or let anyone else touch u and remain a widow/widower still fully committed to them bc those vows are deeper than the physical. But if it is not honored by the Holiest, then breaking up or divorce or remarrying is commonplace. And any type of romantic relationship that is not honored by the Holiest is always a predator/prey dynamic. My hope is that by me sharing this w u it will help prevent heartbreak and trauma. Or if u do experience it, u will remember these words so you can heal much quicker and keep it moving and it doesn't shatter u to pieces to the point where u can't put it back together again.

First of all, kno what the standards are for tru love 2 even exist between 2 ppl. The kinda standards only the Holiest would honor as tru union. N i'll tell u what, these standards are extremely high. I mean rly fucking high. So high bc u need to be mature enuf emotionally mentally spiritually and go thru the necessary life experiences before u will be able to even comprehend how to reach these standards. Or to know how to truly love another person. Which entails respect protection loyalty honesty transparency devotion patience communication listening and commitment and simultaneously freedom. N then also what both ppl choose to do w their freedom. A very key element. N all of that combined and then some is what real love is. But to give that requires a level of maturity that is not easily attained. U can't think or live like the status quo and this type of holy matrimony has NOTHING to do w religion. This person has to be ur perfect complement. Ur yin to ur yang. Ur yang to ur yin. In a separate post I will share w u what these standards are.

Now pls keep in mind I am sharing all this from what I have learned from my direct experience bc I know there are others out there who can relate and need the confirmation to help them escape the soulmate/twin flame fake love heartbreak agenda. And bc i want nothing more than for the tru lovers who have what it takes to be brought back together in their holy union - when it is destined.

soulmates //

There was a time I thought ur soulmate was ur one tru love. But in truly reflecting deep within I finally understood that soulmates, similar to twin flames, are never ur one tru love. Those relationships are in fact trauma bonds. Where one person is the predator and the other is the victim. These often feel like u have a past life connection. Bc u do. But it wasn't good. They traumatized u severely. Maybe even killed u. They stole a piece of ur soul, maybe multiple pieces. N now ur brought back together in this life so u can get it back. N to get justice. That intense attraction is ur own soul they stole from u and have held hostage. That attraction is the assignment. There is a possibility that u can get it back without having to actually have a relationship w the person but I can only speak to my own life experience here. But this is the safest route n I'll explain more here in a minute. But if u can't bypass it w this info then being oblivious and blind in love n truly believing that person ur w is the one is honestly ur next safest circumstance as ur naïveté serves as a distraction and a mask to the person ur taking ur soul back from. Kinda like playing dumb and weak n easy kill. Bc it's dangerous. U can't be aware that they are ur enemy bc otherwise they will know ur aware. Remember, this is someone who likely killed u in a past life. They have not changed. They have only gotten more deceptive. N more dangerous. So before I learned how to bypass these types of relationships, on a conscious level I was not allowed to be aware these ppl were my enemy while I was mid assignment. But in my subconscious I was very aware of who they were but for my safety I could not tap into that n bring it into my consciousness until I was in a safe place. So, I caution ppl to be aware of this info n still move forward only bc ur awareness can put u in more danger. As a seer I can assure u that demons can see u seeing them. So unless u know how to hide that ability n keep that info stored in ur subconscious for safe keeping n simultaneously see them, ur not safe. This is merely a word to the wise but then again to each their own n u have ur own understanding of what u need to do for ur path n ur own personal assignments, these are just suggestions. N maybe u need to be aware of this n ur still required to interact w them. I rly don't know bc that's not my business. That's between u and the holiest at the end of the day.

Now this leads me to describe more thoroughly the reality of soulmates. When I once thought that a soulmate was ur one tru love I remember getting so upset when ppl said we had multiple. Well that's bc I was conflating soulmates w THE ONE. N I am very loyal to the ancient union of me n my husband (THE ONE FOR ME) and the idea of having multiple loves of my life made me fucking sick to my stomach. Especially bc those previous mother fuckers were PRETENDING to be my husband. But there is only ONE of him. Just as there is only one of me. And he is the only man who can truly love me as I deserve. Anyways, so I went deeper into this whole multiple soulmate fiasco. N this is what I found. U see we have more than one soul. Our eyes have a soul. Our heart has a soul. The body itself has a soul. The spine has a soul. The brain has a soul. So depending on how u died and what piece of ur soul that specific soulmate stole n how many ppl have pieces of ur soul will depend on the type of soulmate this person n why u may have multiple if multiple ppl killed u. For reference, many of u are prolly very aware of mummification practices from ancient Egypt. Well this is in fact an evil magic ritual in which the evil witch removed body parts and kept them for rituals and on their altars n even gave them to others who helped to kill u. OR IN SOME CASES THEY EVEN ATE UR HEARTS N BRAINS. They are sick af. Those body parts that were stolen from ur body are pieces of ur soul. It's not meant to leave ur body. N during those times these evil witches would work together and someone would get the heart someone would get the brain and so on. Once u get ur soul back, the ties are cut n u will get ur soul back and then u will be set free from those psychos.

Now knowing this gives u the potential opportunity to bypass the experience all together. As i mentioned above. Like I said, POTENTIAL. So how is that done? Well u first need to identify which piece of soul ur missing and this is by simply analyzing ur health. Where is ur health suffering the most? Where are u not looking or feeling ur best? Now do u see that person embodying that? If so, u work on getting it back in solitude. U need to have strong psychic gifts already in place for this to work. U will either get it or u won't. This is deeply personal as to what u will be guided to do. For example let's say someone stole ur spine soul. Work on standing up for urself. Saying no. Not being afraid to set boundaries and especially not caring what ppl think as long as ur a genuinely good person who takes accountability n doesn't harm innocents. Sidenote: Bad ppl rly need to be more concerned about what ppl think about them, honestly. Whereas good ppl tend to be the most worried n have nothing to worry about. Pls stop. Anyways, do whatever it takes (THAT IS ETHICAL N ELIMINATES KARMIC DEBT MEANING UR NOT CREATING MORE) to get ur soul back n the soul tie will sever n u wont need to go thru the experience of being w the person who stole it in a past life. Or let's say ur beauty soul was stolen from all the trauma. This doesn't mean ur not beautiful it just means someone stomped all over ur rose bush to try to make u look ugly. So what can u do to get ur beauty back in a way that comes from within and is real tru natural beauty and u love to look at urself in the mirror again (NOT IN A VAIN WAY). Well that's very personal for u except pls be aware that to get ur natural beauty back ur going to have to do it in a natural way and it cannot create imbalances in nature or else now ur siphoning earth's beauty and she ain't gonna like that n in the end u will get uglier as there is a price to pay for taking the natural pure innocent beauty of innocents. But tapping into ur own sacred beauty ritual practices that help u honor ur unique one of a kind flower that u are type of a beauty will help u get that part of ur soul back. N if this attraction ur feeling for this person is a soulmate type of bond then once u get it back the ties will sever and u will no longer feel anything for them. Now this can be tricky bc THE ONE has a similar process but I'll talk about that later.

twin flames //

Now the twin flame experience is essentially the same thing as in twin flames are also soul mates but not all soulmates are necessarily twin flames bc the twin flame experience is more related to one's parents and generational curses. N the respective curses each parent passed down to their child. N if those parents refuse accountability and refuse to take back the bad karma they passed down to u ( which basically never happens), then u will go thru what many describe as the twin flame experience. If ur the good person then ur twin flame is ur evil twin who has a piece of ur soul - embodying the same evil spirit as ur parents are embodying holding ur soul captive. In the twin flame experience there is always a good twin and an evil one. Just like a trauma bond. One is predator. One is the victim. And the evil one embodies all the abusive aspects of ur parent(s) w zero intentions of changing. N until u see this in the evil twin AND ur parents AND accept u need to sever ties w ur parent(s) AND the evil twin and that means purging urself from all the curses and karma ur parents passed down to u so u do not embody them anymore then u will keep coming back together until u SEE that the evil twin is a FALSE REFLECTION. Once u get to this point of awareness that the evil twin is a false mirror n not who u are or ever want to be then u have initiated the breaking of the generational curses and can now begin clearing the karma ur parents passed down to u and the assignment w that twin flame will be complete. Now if u had BOTH parents being abusive to you then u will have TWO evil twin flames. But again this is possible to potentially bypass if u simply observe any and all evil that ur parents embody and then look in the mirror and see where that shit got stuck inside of u and then flush it out like it's a parasite. N pls keep in mind that if this is a double whammy of a soulmate/twin flame experience well ur going to have to do both processes at once. I know it's a lot but u can handle it so be strong bc this is how u will get ur justice. Bc these evil spirts get very weak when u take ur soul back from them. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

the one //

Ok if u have made it this far and now escaped both the soulmate and twin flame treacherous expeditions now ur on the up n up for UNION W THE ONE. N listen hold ur horses little ones bc I have no idea how long this will take. Meaning it might not even happen in this lifetime. I know that sucks to hear but if u have made it this far u can deal w it. AND ANYWAYS I DO NOT KNOW. OK. I AM NOT THE ONE WHO ORDAINS SUCH SACRED UNIONS. N perhaps in the Holiest's eyes ur still so cosmically young and not mature enuf yet for that type of bond. ACCEPT IT. Or end up like Lucifer. And anyways there could be a multitude of other reasons so just tune into urself and what those reasons are for u. Listen when I was just a little rose bud frolicking around the cosmos I lived for HUNDREDS OF YEARS before I was ever introduced to my husband. The human concept of time is rly fucked up and as a result makes it basically impossible for humans to achieve this type of holy matrimony. Anyways, THIS DOES NOT MEAN GO FUCK AROUND. UR STILL A COSMIC CHILD DO NOT DO THAT FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE N UR INNOCENCE. Especially bc doing so will only delay the process of u being aligned to meet THE ONE. So instead of it being next lifetime it could end up being in THREE LIFETIMES. Now do u rly want that? What's most important is that ur patient and just focus on urself. Try to think of urself like ur still just a 9 or 10 year old little girl or boy n ur just focusing on sports or music n learning and playing and all u can do to be a better u and mature and grow and heal and processing all u learned and integrating all those pieces of ur soul so that ur body can fully EMBODY UR HOLY SPIRIT. Ur WHOLESOME SPIRIT. BC UR HOLY SPIRIT is a MAGNET for THE ONE. The yin to ur yang. The yang to ur yin. N why are they a perfect match for u? Bc the SPIRIT IS UR PERSONALITY. It's what makes u YOU. N there is only ONE who is a perfect match to ur UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND personality. THERE IS ONLY ONE who adores everything about ur personality in a romantic way, n vice versa. Only one. Anyone else will like SOME parts but not the WHOLE. As a result anyone who is not THE ONE will make u feel INCOMPLETE bc they are NOT THE ONE. THEY DO NOT LOVE THE WHOLESOME U. N THEREFORE THEIR PRESENCE CANNOT COMPLETE U.

Now, u know how ppl say u don't have another half? Well actually u do. The yin and Yang are not complete w out each other. It's just that u won't magnetize back to each other until ur WHOLE within urself so u can MERGE BACK TOGETHER. Which is to be in Union. The standards for this are top tier. I'm talking holy royalty. I'm talking u will not be allowed to come together (intimately) until ur BOTH at the standards required to be allowed to merge/be in union. N I know ppl are not going to like to hear this but for example if u brought children into this world u will not experience holy matrimony in this lifetime or maybe even next lifetime. u won't be able to get to that level of spiritual maturity until ur child breaks all the curses u passed down to them by bringing them into a world that is NOT suitable for children and was therefore not blessed by the holiest. And the final step in that is that they must sever ties w u completely. The strong n worthy will accept the consequences of their choices w grace and humility and honor.

union w the one //

To help u better understand the distinction between the soulmate vs THE ONE n how to get to union w the one, I need to go deeper on a few things here.

The ONE is ur spirit mate but that makes me laugh and makes me think of cheerleaders and the movie bring it on so I'm not going to call them that LOL. But anyways the HOLY SPIRIT can NEVER DIE. Evil spirits can. The soul CAN die. But also the soul does not have to die but if it does it CAN BE RESURRECTED. The soul comes in many parts n is necessary for the Holy Spirit to live inside of u. But the spirit is what makes u YOU. The soul is what gives u life and health n allows u to be alive in a body but the spirit is what makes u stand out from everyone else. The soul is the container FOR THE SPIRIT. The BODY IS A SOUL. ALL THE PARTS THAT MAKE UP UR BODY ARE THE SOUL. Soul is not unique and does not give u ur unique energy signature that is what the SPIRIT DOES. The HOLY SPIRIT IS UR UNIQUE SIGNATURE ONE OF A KIND NO ONE CAN DO WHAT U DO MASTERPIECE. This is why when u see ppl healing their appearance starts to change n become more beautiful bc now their Holy Spirit is embodying more of their SOUL which more accurately reflects who they are on a spiritual level. N when u sever ties w the false family u will also notice that u look less and less like them bc purging from their curses and karma means purging from DNA that is NOT URS. Technically DNA is an evil alien compound designed to destroy ur soul precisely so ur holy spirit can't inhabit ur body but that's a story for another day.

Anyways so when pieces of ur soul are missing ur necessarily not at ur optimal health and those missing pieces are replaced w demon venom (dna) blocking ur Holy Spirit and ROYAL BLOODLINE from flowing and being fully inside of u. That demon venom is NOT demonic possession but u cannot be w ur one tru love when it's inside of u. Its that venom that repels ur one tru love. Which means... U NEED TO BE LIVING THE HEALTHIEST N I MEAN SYMBIOTICALLY HEALTHY W NATURE N LIFE in order to make space for ur Holy Spirit to embody ur body. I say symbiotically healthy bc some ppl have a very inverted idea of what health and healing means but it's at the expense of others (eating animals, for example) which is why no matter how much healing or fasting or detoxing or healthy eating or exercising they do they still get sick bc the mind is not right n when the mind is not right then physical sickness erupts. (Sidenote: PURGING SICKNESS IS NOT GETTING SICK ITS GETTING RID OF THE DEMON VENOM THAT CAUSES U TO GET SICK BUT IT MUST COME UP N OUT WHICH WHEN IT DOES IT CAN APPEAR LIKE SICKNESS WHEN IN REALITY UR PURGING THE SICKNESS THINK OF IT LIKE AN ALCOHOL OR DRUG DETOX). Anyways the healthier u are in the altruistic definition of health then the more ur holy spirit embodies ur vessel and thus the more it magnetizes u and ur perfect match together.

Now this is where u need to be discerning of the difference between the soulmate agenda n ur one tru love which is not an agenda at all. As I mentioned previously, w soulmates once u get ur health back which is to get ur soul back then the ties will just naturally sever and u will no longer feel those feelings for them. U will see them for who they are and the illusion will dissolve bc now ur safe to do so. But if the connection is THE ONE then no matter how much healthier u get no matter how many curses u break no matter all the work u do or how much more u love urself that bond only gets stronger and brings u closer together. Only time will be able to tell the difference here which is why patience and going slow and being observant is crucial bc soulmates and twin flames ALWAYS pretend to be ur one true husband or wife. Also w a soulmate or a twin flame chances are u prolly did do intimate things even tho u should not have (but don't worry bc if ur a victim to these agendas u truly didn't know better) but only bc u got tricked into thinking they were the one so technically it was rape even if u are a man if a woman pretended to love u n be the one n u were intimate she technically raped u but anyways the whole soulmate twin flame experience is far below the standard of THE ONE. So intimacy will be likely to occur unless u figure out how to bypass it. but w THE ONE sacred sexual union and real love making will not be allowed until the Holiest ORDAINS THE UNION. So u may meet this person and feel a very strong sexual attraction but u will be heavily protected which is to be blocked from love making until it is BLESSED and that is bc this union is so extremely sacred and very protected and once ur locked in, it's eternal. This is why the One will stay by ur side and court u for as long as it takes both of u being celibate until the Holiest ordains ur union.

One thing real quick about spirits. The Holy Spirit is ONE OF A KIND. But evil spirits are not unique. Holy spirits embody only ONE vessel. Evil spirits embody MANY. Evil spirits mimic holy spirits to LURE INNOCENT PPL TO STEAL UR SOUL n to make it appear that Holy Spirits embody multiple vessels to trick ppl and disorient ppl from the reality of how Holy Spirits operate but, for example, just bc someone mimics me or thinks they are me doesn't mean they are n those that matter can see thru their bs. They just try to use my likeness bc they're so weak n have no idea who they actually are bc they've been possessed by evil spirits their entire lives n stealing others' souls bc they NEED ur STOLEN soul to fully embody that evil spirit in their vessel. EVIL PPL DO NOT HAVE THE ONE. HOLY SPIRITS DO. LILITH N LUCIFER JUST GO AROUND FUCKING EVERYONE N STEALING EVERYONES SOULS BC again STOLEN SOUL ALLOWS THEIR EVIL SPIRITS TO INHABIT THE VESSEL OF THEIR CHOOSING MORE PROMINENTLY. Lilith who is also jezebel who is the evil feminine energy, for example, is always trying to mimic what I do n pretends to be a real lover to lure men in to her jezebel spider web trap so she can suck the soul out of him n then once she took all she needs she will LEAVE n not give a fuck and just move on to the next victim rather quickly bc she was never in love she only needed his soul. Lucifer is the same n does the same w women n Lilith is the one who taught Lucifer how to do all this. Lilith also imitates my energy mannerisms qualities messages (which are always inverted and easy for me to see but not for those who aren't seers) bc i embody the holy feminine energy, n bc if she reveled her tru personality (which is her tru evil spirit and intentions) instead of pretending to be like the holy feminine spirit then no good man would ever fucking touch her and would be disgusted by her n good women would never listen to a word she has to say n she would lose all her power of illusion over men AND women to steal their souls. Whereas Holy Spirits can be hated by everyone n still will not lose their power or beauty and influence and are still very attractive n magical n would never in eternity steal ur soul.

So anyways to wrap this up. Pls understand that to even get to this point of being in alignment w union w THE ONE, u will have had to do a massive amount of work already. Severed so many cords. No more karmic ties. N ur prolly at lone wolf status n definitely celibate (which means THE ONE also needs to be at lone wolf status n definitely celibate n ill talk about that more later). N ur at a place where ur also ok if it doesn't happen in this lifetime. Bc u have FAITH there's a reason why the Holiest is not allowing it yet. N u sincerely honor the TRU MOTHER AND THE TRU FATHER that will ordain ur union WHEN IT IS TIME. N ur perfectly ok w being celibate n single for however long it takes if that's necessary. Bc on some level ur aware ur already married to ur one tru love spiritually and u would be a cheater n u don't ever wanna be a cheater so u are just like ok whatever bc it's better to be alone n celibate than let anyone touch u who isn't ur perfect yin to ur yang or ur yang to ur yin.




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