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The Laws of Ma'at are the original most ancient Laws that the deadly sins and knowledge of sins in other religions have derived from...

Paradise is not Paradise unless these Laws are at the foundation and each citizen of Paradise is aiming to abide by them perfectly. These Laws are what make Paradise, Paradise. 


I do not translate this or break this down from any book as these Laws and the deepest truths of them are written in my heart bc my roots are paradise. I have worked side by side with the Deity Ma'at herself and the Holiest for a year and a half to ensure the highest quality translation of these Holy Laws are delivered. And while this is now in its most complete form, it is not yet entirely complete. Each law must be introduced and then potentially rewritten after feeling out the ripple effects of their introduction and determining if there are any loopholes evil is using to invert these laws to their will. This will continue w all of the laws until the entirety of them are absolutely fool proof and so crystal clear which means these laws are alive. This is a living document of the Laws of Ma'at. The current standing of the 42 Laws of Ma’at are already a very brief translation but their accuracy is not thorough and it is not exactly precise and leaves far too much room for ambiguity and misinterpretation and perversion creating way too much leeway for the evil forces to mold it to fit their agenda. They will try to appropriate these Laws. Just as they have done with other sins in other religions. Which is why it is imperative that these are translated on the deepest level possible. In addition, the 13 Laws that should have originally been included, but were intentionally left out by those evil forces, will be of course added back in. And it is certainly possible that more Laws will be revealed to me as time goes on and new wisdom and knowledge is attained based on where we are currently at in the evolution of life and the evolution of evil. Which more precisely means the resurrection of life and the destruction of evil. 


The Laws of Ma’at are a goal for us all to work towards. Towards life. And away from evil. Away from sin. Away from trauma. I have and we all have broken these laws at some point. And we will continue to do so until we are all healed from the original trauma we all experienced together, at the hands of evil, which is the reason these laws even came to be in the first place. Because that trauma caused us all to fall from grace. To lose our paradise. To lose our deepest love and respect and connection to one another. To lose our devotion to the Holiest. These Laws are here as a role model for u to know clearly what is right and what is wrong so u know better who to be, to be the purest reflection of the holiest as is possible. To be who the holiest created u to be. Not who evil has groomed and beaten u to be. Do not beat urself up for not abiding by these perfectly, yet. Make it a goal for u to one day abide by them perfectly. But let urself be where u are right now and do what u can to do better by them each moment of each day. Mistakes are how we learn how to better abide by them and to even better understand them and ourselves relative to them, and relative to the holiest. These are just words until ur life makes sincere meaning of them thru ur life experiences which means they are more than just words, they are seeds that will grow once ur life experiences show u how to properly cultivate them into every part of ur existence. For some of u, reading these will cause the seeds to grow immediately bc you have already had a lot of life experiences to get to work right away. As a whole, however, we cannot yet abide by them perfectly as this is the consequence of living in a very spiritually unhealthy society that has been infested by evil parasites and so we are all still learning how to survive and thrive in the most pure and holy way possible despite the existence of evil trying to penetrate our every pore, our sacred grounds. Please be patient w urself as this learning takes time. The Laws of Ma'at do not belong to a religion nor do they belong to Ancient Egypt. They are the foundation of Paradise. They are meant to guide u to ur own religion, ur own ways of practicing ur daily habits and routines in a way that brings u closer to the absolute devotion of the Holiest who created u. Religion is not meant to make u hate urself for behaving like evil, for committing sin. It is meant to make u hate evil and all evil behaviors and to understand that if ur able to genuinely stop those evil behaviors then that is never who u were in the first place. Or you would not have been able to change and stop. But u still need to be redeemed. To make amends. To clean up ur messes when u were acting a fool. This redemption is the final step in ur transformation. The existence of evil is here to try and make u think evil is ur creator so u behave like them. The existence of these Laws are here to remind u that is absolutely not who u are so u can behave as u were created to behave. Being ur unique self and expressing urself as u are but in a way that does not bring harm to others. So that we all can be free and thrive and not live in fear of being hurt by each other or hurting anyone.


Babylon was created to enslave u. The Laws of Ma’at are a compass to help u break free from that enslavement. For us to create a better brighter more harmonious symbiotic and beautiful world, Paradise, it is imperative that we all work together to help each other reach this standard. We all have work to do. Myself included. I am not perfect in abiding by these laws, but I am aiming to be perfect in abiding by them. Building these temples on the foundation of the Laws of Ma’at is not just for you all. It is for me, too. Because I need this. Not just for myself but I need to live in a spiritually healthy and balanced and just and harmonious and beautiful world surrounded by people who want to make this world a better place for life to thrive. Because I cannot exist in a world where evil is allowed to thrive. Writing these laws as a means to protect life from those evil forces as a means to create the foundation with which the Mothership Project will be built on and the direction it will always be heading, the portal that is the resurrection of paradise, is my contribution to make that happen.


As always I greatly appreciate and welcome feedback as the goal is for us all to improve. I cannot say for certain if I will agree as the Deity Ma’at and the Holy Creator have asked me to translate these and contribute my own feedback based on my own life experiences and knowledge of the evil that will try to corrupt them and so ultimately it is up to not even just them but my entire royal holy court as to whether or not your feedback will be added to these Laws. Nonetheless, your feedback is sincerely appreciated as I cannot see everything and deeply value perspectives that help me see even deeper or more clearly. The more of us contribute to spiritual growth and purity and holiness and balance and justice, the better we all are. 


***The Laws of Ma’at are a living document that will continue to be worked on and edited as new experiences help us to better express ourselves more thoroughly and in a way that helps us to understand that evil could potentially distort pervert or invert these words to their benefit and so we must constantly be aware of how to work with this language to ensure that will not be possible. 


With that being said, to protect the integrity of these Laws, I will be the sole translator and mediator between the Deity Ma’at and the Holiest and you all. 


In addition, the entirety of these Laws will not be made available to the public until a significant amount of time has passed between each one being released. 


Let’s get started.

law i

i have not committed sin

law ii

i have not committed robbery w violence

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