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or u can go to channel 369 tab 

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(streaming from the site is still free)

n name ur own $ gift to give to me ty

disclaimer //  firstly, to those who give back to me on ur own free will, thank you sincerely for ur honor. second, nothing i share is for free. nothing is ever for free bc we need to collaborate to make this world a better place. but i am not attaching a price tag to it either. i just do not feel good attaching price tags to my work bc it takes me out of the spirit of collaboration n puts me in the spirit of competition. this is no offense to those who do sell their their works in good faith but bc of what i stand for and the purpose of my mission n the power i am given n what i am meant to do w this power, which comes w great responsibility n sacrifice, i do not have this privilege. i need to embody the spirit of reciprocity to transfer that consciousness out into the world to whoever interacts w me to help us flip these tables back to a tru community of collaboration n make competitiveness go extinct so we won't have to worry about $ ever again. so these evil forces can't control us w $ n it forces us to work together altruistically like real tru community again. this ensures i remain absolutely n wholly in cahoots w nature n the natural consciousness so i can be a tru mother to earth. this also holds everyone to this same level of morality which is a much more wholesome standard of maturity n altruism n self respect n responsibility n reciprocity. of everyone doing their part. n the peace of mind this brings knowing we all have each other's backs n u will never be left out in the cold or abandoned in times of need. bc i do not want the most beautiful hearts of this world to ever have to go thru what i have to go thru.  


n this way also naturally separates the givers from the takers and makes it easier for me to ensure the takers/plaigerizers/monitoring spirits are held accountable n receive their bad karma faster as a result of their selfishness n greed. especially in times where i need to ask for help n i know they are monitoring n laughing n happy bc i am suffering but refuse to help bc they are praying on my downfall n sadistic n it makes them feel good to watch ppl they envy n work so hard to destroy bc of their envy n competitive spirits, suffer. i can help them rack up their bad karmic debt a lot faster when i operate in this way. 


everything i share is in symbiosis w nature and i, just like nature, will not ask u to give back (unless it is an emergency bc operating in the spirit of tru collaboration n reciprocity in this world is not easy at all n i literally cannot do it without the help of others n sometimes i may need to ask for help but if i do it's bc i have no other choice), but i do expect reciprocity in some equal exchange capacity (u give what u sincerely can n when u feel called n not only does this ensure i can give more but if i ever get to a place where I can $ support others, those who helped me during my times of need will always be welcome to ask me for help whenever they need it bc that is the tru nature of reciprocity n collaboration. u help me get up n i help u get up n we keep helping each other rise n rise n rise so far above the bullshit).


if u are sincerely receiving positive benefit n growth from my work and want to be on the giver/symbiotic frequency thank u for working w me to bring this world back into alignment w the spirit of collaboration so we can destroy the spirit of competitiveness that creates poverty by us all protecting each other the way real community operates n supports one another so we always know our basic needs are going to be met bc we are family n real family supports each other always. to those of you who gift me $ for my work i thank u greatly in advance.


To those of you who did me severely wrong in the past and are trying to lessen ur sentencing on judgement day and are submitting ur victim compensation fees (which is no one at this point bc i don't think these ppl ever feel remorse for what they have done or have even the slightest warmth or softness in their hearts to do the right thing or even know what that is), u did the right thing (none of u have done the right thing yet so do not expect to benefit from my work the way those who truly see me n love me will n do).

As I always say, my medicine is a medicine for some n a poison for others. it rly just depends on who u are.



+ if u are regularly supporting my work w $ gifts, pls know that I am opening a private room on my IG for me to go live n share messages that are coming thru in real time as well as providing q + a. i want to give back something special just for those of u who support me n the mothership mission to help me make my dreams n the prophecy come tru. add me on ig: thesunprophecy n i will then add u to close friends

+ if u gift me more than $5000, u may choose an original art piece (that has not already been claimed)  n i will gift it to u. u will be the only one to own this piece n i will send u the file for u to have it printed n framed as u like or have it sent to a fine art printer for u to have it framed should u choose to do so. or i will simply state in the description of the piece who is the owner so pls specify ur name u want displayed n if u do not want ur name displayed i will share it as anonymous.


[ the sun prophecy manifesto ]

my war is a war against all evil. against lucifer (the false father) and lilith (the false mother) and all their various names and characters throughout history, across all lands and all cultures. and all who uphold and serve and protect their regimei am on the side of the natural world. the symbiotic world. i am living breathing walking resurrected vengeance judgement justice and karmic hellfire to all those who cling to and support and create the unnatural world. the parasitic world. and i know who you are. i can see the evil inside of you that you don't want anyone else to see. i have weighed your heart on the scales of justice in the afterlife, many times, and it only gets more wicked. you just get better at hiding it from those who cannot see. but i know you can see me seeing right through you. and this is why you seek to destroy n erase me. you are terrified of everyone else seeing what i see. and you should be, because eventually they will. evil and those who serve it, no matter how much they pretend to be on the side of truth & justice or how kind and genuine they pretend to be, are not safe in my presence. never have been. never will be. my vengeance will not die until all of evil is dead. all of you who are vile deserve every bad thing that is coming to you. i've seen it in my dreams. your end is near. the end of you colonizing earth is near. because earth is not yours. never has been. and she will never be.

i am the fire they dance around
the world i am destroying
for creating —
it's done
remember how to stay on fire
even in the flood


to be me, the holy prophecy,
the destructive force that is collapsing babylon,
the healing force that is resurrecting the ancient tree of life,
and the creative force, the stone that the builder refused, that is rebuilding z i o n

my freedom is their destruction
by the rivers of babylon
where i once wept
now i watch it burn
and we return to zion


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