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death by roses  04.20.2023 ]

give a dawg a bone 05.30.2023 ]

 (((boom ba boom ba boom))


music. the rhythm of the heart beat the dance of the soul the way your entire being moves w the dance of the cosmos that dance right along w you no matter what is ur mood i could never love just one type of music bc my heart n soul are too deep to be limited like that n i connect w it all i love to feel to cry to laugh to dance to rage only the way i would dance to each song and to come undone music doesn't just heal my heart n soul it helps me grow it helps me become even more of me to connect deeper to myself n to the entire holy creation you see here's the thing about me n the music, i hear it everywhere even if no one else can, i always hear it, even in my dreams. n everything about me is music. i am like that song that must be played at full volume. there is no turning me down, ever. so vibe w me. n let's rock on ❤️

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