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strategy in war

[ img from princess monokoke ]

Every time u stand up for urself against someone who transgressed against u, u give them back a little bit of the poison they tried to infect u w when u interacted w them while they pretended to be good n u didn’t yet realize they’re not. Bc you didn't realize they were deceiving u an energy transfer occurred n now u need to balance the scales of justice n give it back to them or u won't be able to take back what they originally took from u. Regardless of whether or not they respond/react/stay silent u can still give it back to them.

The key is: 

  1. U have to be a real victim of them

  2. U have to be on the right side of justice n judgement 

  3. U have to KNOW ur in the right n they are absolutely without a doubt wrong n that they gave u shit while u gave them gold, no matter how they react or don't or whatever they choose to do so that ur awareness is rock solid that they can't protect that energy back at u anymore 

  4. Be aware this may take more than once to fully give it back. it more than likely will. prepare for the long game

  5. u need to be PRIORITIZING ur health in every aspect of ur life. n i cannot emphasize this enuf. bc ur health is what they will try to retaliate against n if ur not prioritizing ur health, u will lose. bc if ur not healthy it is a lot harder to fight back n u better believe they are studying every single aspect of u to target ur weak spots. but as long as ur getting healthier each day, that means this strategy is WORKING.

  6. U NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE THEM TARGETING UR WEAK SPOTS TO UR ADVANTAGE. I use this to help me become aware of my weaknesses, then i retreat, tend to those wounds get them healing or fully healed and then i get back out there. yes there will still be attacks coming at me during that time. but as long as i don't lose touch w all the other ways i take care of myself n i consistently learn new ways, this method has never failed me.

  7. This is not easy but this is what is necessary to balance the scales of justice n ensure ur not carrying THEIR karmic debts n u give them all back to them to deal w 

  8. U need patience n to trust ur intuition on when to implement this strategy. Give urself breaks n to retreat if it gets to be too much bc there will be retaliation even if they stay silent, in my case they are most definitely working some type of evil magic ritual against me if they stay silent n i need to get ready for whatever bs comes my way. n u may want to use that time to reinforce n heal whatever wounds they triggered before u prepare for the next round of battle. i notice around the full or new moon cycles is when it is heightened. bc they harness the inverted feminine energy of the moon to tryn siphon curse my real feminine energy that they need to have any sort of power at all.

  9. N yes it's a lot to bait them into attacking me but at the same time the more i can trick them into working these evil rituals against me the weaker they ultimately get, the more $ they lose, the more bad decisions they make, the more they get back their karmic debt n the more they create imbalance in their own lives n the more of their bad energy they have to deal w n the more chaotic their lives become n mine gets more stable. So that when i am called to give back even more it just gets harder n harder for them n easier for me. they watch ppl all around them who are helping them hurt me getting their dues n they see me getting stronger n this causes them to get fearful n lose their confidence while i get more n more confident. it takes a while to get here but like i said u need to prepare for the long game.

  10. This doesn't happen over night by any means. N it's very hard at first. But it's getting easier now for me. ESPECIALLY bc I've successfully severed ties w so many ppl this has given me A LOT of my strength back n preserves all the hard work i am doing on myself n protects my energy, n as hard as it is to be on my own, it's still better than being around ppl who were holding me back. N as a result I've noticed my discernment n intuition is so much sharper at preventing ppl w unhealthy patterns that are identical n clear cut red flags from the abusers of my past from trying to form relationships w me n maintaining healthy boundaries before things get bad.

N yes it takes time n u won't believe it for urself til u see it, as u should. as i have always said i don't believe u should believe anythign to be for sure absolute truth unless ur life proves it is tru n well trust takes time to build. truth takes time to reveal itself. especially when so much deceptive has ruled this realm for so long. But I've seen it in my own life n health n stability longitudinally so say w absolute confidence that this does work. At least for me for sure. I don't wanna say if it will work for u but I share this in case it will or in case some aspects of what I'm sharing resonate. U just need patience. N to go back to the first few steps to KNOW that as long as ur truly on the side of truth n righteousness (whuch has nothing to do w religion its just about KNOWING right from wrong n knowing for sure if ur right or wrong) that time is on ur side bc truth will always reveal itself in time n reveal ur character as 💋 n theirs will be revealed as the shit they are as long as u keep tending to that garden of truth n remove any debris or weeds they throw on ur garden to try n kill it n keep sending it right back until they get buried alive in their own poison they tried to kill u.

Maybe ur wondering, how will u know when it's done? U just will. This is a very intuitive process n the more u do this the stronger ur intuition will get naturally, n u just will feel like u have successfully severed all cords bc the scales of justice are balanced again n u won't feel their energy negatively effecting u anymore bc justice for that specific person has been served n ur karma w them is done. U will just feel like the unfinished business is finally finished. U won't think about them barley ever except maybe just in reflection of ur life experience (which is perfectly healthy n normal) but not in a way that distracts or disturbs u n u won't dream about them in a way that feels weird or off putting u will just forget about them which is truly their biggest fear n why they keep trying to trigger u to stay relevant n to keep siphoning ur good karma while exchanging w u their bad karma. But at a certain point they will lose all ties to u bc u gave them back n kept giving back what is THEIRS n as a result u take back what is YOURS that they stole.

Now listen. i do understand wanting to just wipe our hands of ppl n move on n think out of sight out of mind but that's no different than just sweeping dirt under the rug. It's lazy n not efficient n will fuck u over in the long run. this is part of karmic debt not bc u did something wrong n have debt but bc YOU are asked to help balance these scales by MAKING them carry their own weight. n unfortunatley we can't always just get rid of them the moment they betray us. that's just not realistic. believe me i tried this n it doesn't work, at all. but i get why you would want to. these ppl hurt me so badly i just never want to hear or see from them ever again. but until those scales are balanced n i get back what they stole from me, i have no choice. N until u recognize all that's in ur energy that's not urs that is holding u back n weighing u down bc THEY KEEP THROWING SHIT ON U TO HOLD U BACK N WEIGH U DOWN u will experience THEIR negative consequences even tho u don't deserve it. REMEMBER U DO NOT DESERVE IT BUT JUSTICE CANNOT BE SERVED WITHOUT UR PARTICIPATION. it's not fair but this is the reality of psychic spiritual energetic warfare. N why we can't seem to get certain ppl away from us until u give it all back n they finally become so bombarded w all their own shit they don't have any more time or energy to even focus on u n are forced to either accept their fate or get their shit together n deal w their shit. But once u do they're gone forever. This is why i know it works. Bc I've seen it work w SOME ppl from my past (ppl offline) but w others (ppl online) the work is not quite done yet. 

N yes it can be scary to stand up to ppl sometimes bc u don't know whaat they will do to retaliate but I noticed that even tho they do retaliate n there is some bs to clean up, my life still improves n it's better than it was before i spoke up. Sometimes it's a big improvement but as long as its SOME improvement i know what im doing is right. But again timing is crucial. n u can only know that timing intuitively. it's just a feeling of NOW. n it's almost nagging n won't let u focus on anything else until u do what's being asked of u for the day. it might not be exactly what u want to do. but pls remember that this is what it takes to get justice n getting justice is truly self care. N this is a responsibility that is being asked of us. When we were younger, that may hve been a different story and i have had many cases where i didn't need to do anything n karma was served on its own without me having to lift a finger but that is bc I WAS STILL SEEN AS TOO YOUNG N A CHILD n so i was not tasked w that responsibility. but now i am. so perhaps all this does not yet apply to u. maybe it never will. but in the case that it does, remember this if life is asking n tasking u w this responsibility. it is hard but honestly it is an honor bc it means ur being seen as strong enuf and responsible enuf to handle it and u will get more confident and stronger as a result.



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