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(re) parenting

[ image from dumbo "baby mine" scene ]

U do not reparent urself. U cannot. Ur an eternal child. Even the planets are eternal children. The only one who is not an eternal child is the FIRST MOTHER N FIRST FATHER, THE HOLIEST. THE FIRST CREATORS EVER. N so, if you try to reparent urself, u will fail bc ur not the Holiest n u can never be. U need guidance. U need a mother n a father. It is not ur fault u were not born w a mother n a father that truly love u n guide u n support u n nurture u. But the reality is pretty much every human on earth has this experience but the ones who experienced the harshest trauma tend to realize it first. On one hand (on the superficial level) this does hinder u but at the deepest level, at the root, this does give u an advantage bc the likelihood of u escaping the false mother n father is much higher than those who grew up in the illusion of functional and loving homes. But this advantage is only given to u if u have what it takes to escape n u recognize that ur mother n father have no idea what they are doing n u need a real mother n a real father who do. Bc listen, u do not know everything, u will need to call on someone for help. U will need a listening ear. N if ur blessed n humble n recognize u need help n want to be held to the most wholesome standard there is n to be loved for who u truly are at the core, this is where u will discover that ur tru mother n father is the Holiest. The source of the beginning of creation. The real n best mother n father that ever existed n will ever exist. U will learn to go to them for everything. U will learn to only seek their advice, which also means being able to discern when someone is sent by them to give u advice bc yes we can find answers within but we do not know everything and so we do need to receive answers outside of us as well. Believing that we can find everything within is inherently narcissistic belief bc that makes everyone, including so many aspects of Holiest, irrelevant. N this sends the message to ourselves that only we have the answers as if others do not. N this is simply not true. The Holiest is within us but the Holiest is also outside of us bc we are INSIDE the Holiest n the Holiest doesn't just live inside of us but also others who are tru children of the Holiest n they are given certain things that we are not given bc it is meant for them n only them n by us collaborating we get to experience it thru them, but not have that special gift as tho it is ours bc that special gift belongs to them n it is meant to only be accessed to experience from them thru a tru honoring of them n them honoring u. And this encourages collaboration n respect and symbiosis/altruisim amongst the Holy Children. U see what i'm saying? So listening to the Holiest means also listening to whoever the Holiest sends to u as a messenger of them. N when u don't listen to someone who is sent by the Holiest ur necessarily not listening to the Holiest. But sometimes it can be hard to discern who is who. Especially bc there are so many masquerading as messengers of the Holiest but are in fact messengers of the devil. Grace is given to u while ur learning to better discern. Especially if u were a victim of the false mother n father n are fighting to escape from them. But I will tell u this, by emancipating urself from the false mother n father, it becomes much easier to discern when the guidance is coming from the real mother n father vs the false one. N the more u listen to everything they tell u to do, the more of a pure reflection of them u become in doing so n ur discernment just gets sharper n sharper n sharper w each passing second. n those of us who listen to n obey the real mother n father, well we just naturally work together collaboratively and harmoniously bc unlike the false mother n father, the real mother n father will never pit us against each other. This is why u will often see siblings fighting a lot in families where parents are embodying the false mother or false father.

Now listen, I know how hard it is to not feel loved by ur parents. N to see other kids being loved and not understanding why u have parents that do not love u the way u love them. I rly want this post to be for u, to give u hope and help u find ur way out of this emptiness and heartbreak and grief and lack of support. Let's put this in perspective. U see those children that have mothers n fathers that u see loving them and supporting them and that don't severely traumatize them will never feel the intense n extreme hardship n adversity that pushes them to emancipate themselves from their mother n father (which is the false mother n father) to seek the tru mother n father, The Holiest. Sure those kids might be loved, but only to a degree n no matter how it appears on the outside i can guarantee u it's not real love at the root. N some ppl are just easier to groom n manipulate than others bc some ppl are way too terrified of seeing the truth. N i would argue that the kids who experience the worst trauma are simply the kids who aren't afraid of seeing the truth and this rly upsets ur parents who want to live in denial. Bc the truth is no one here has been raised in love since earth herself is not even in the frequency of love n cannot afford to feed one more mouth yet humans keep breeding at her expense. Bc they aren't in the frequency of symbiosis w nature. N if ur someone who is at the core of ur being in that frequency of symbiosis w nature, ur going to be at odds w anyone who is not, even ur parents. U will be the one to give tru love n u have every right to expect it in return IF ur dealing w others who are in that frequency. But if ur not, i wouldn't hold ur breath bc those ppl are incapable of reciprocation. The only mother and father that can reciprocate that immense love ur looking for from ur parents, is the Holiest n those that are in the symbiotic frequency. Earth for example, she gives n gives n gives. N it's not bc she is an overgiver or a doormat. It is actually a test. She is seeing who naturally gives back without her even having to ask. Bc of what is going to be necessary in the future to protect her n her children. Bc tru givers naturally do just give back. It's just how we operate. We can't not plot on how to give back for every sincere n pure hearted generosity that is bestowed upon us. N earth is not the only one who does this. The entire royal holy bloodline does this. For example, I am given so much by the HOliest and Earth n all the holy forces who protect me. N i'm a giver which means I exist on the symbiotic frequency so naturally I ask them everyday 2 tell me what can I do to repay them. Whatever they need I am so happy to give. I benefit by giving back to them bc it helps them it uplifts them it makes them happy and then that same energy they naturally give back to me n they are able to give more of it. N this cycle of giving becomes more n more expansive everyday. By me helping them w whatever they tell me they need they can then give even more to me and then I can in turn give even more to them and so on and so on. Entitlement is when ur given w pure n sincere intent n u stop giving back. Think of it like not being a spoiled entitled child who just naturally does chores around the house bc ur so grateful to the Holiest for how much ur given to be ur most confident and healthiest and protected that u just want to do ur part n not even have to be told u just see it needs to be done n so u do it. But if ur parents are selfish or they give w the wrong intent or they are resentful of u, then ur prolly not going to want to give back to them. This is how the false mother n father breed more false mothers n fathers n imprints that selfish entitled taker mentality even outside of fake givers n transcends even in the presence of tru givers. I completely understand u not wanting to give back to someone who is giving w false pretenses or who resents even having to give to u at all. But to not give back to that which is giving in sincerity n symbiosis? That is pure self sabotage n will turn u into a narcissist. Which means u need to escape anyone who gives w false pretenses or selfishly or u will become just like them.

Now, to go deeper about the false mother n the false father as it pertains to ur own mothers n fathers. Take a look around, do u see this world? do u honestly believe it is intelligent or loving or symbiotic n in alignment w nature to bring children into this world when humans are traumatizing earth day in n day out? At the core n where ppl are currently at, humanity is an enemy to nature. Most of the parents of this world bring children here bc of pressure bc they just think that is what they are supposed to do next in life or bc they see it as a marker of success or status or to even spite others or to trap n bind their partners to them. For example, a woman purposely trying to get pregnant knowing the man she is w doesn't want kids but she is trying to use an innocent child to trap him into being w her. Or men who get a woman pregnant knowing he doesn't rly love her but he wants to have control over her n getting her pregnant will give him long term access n power over her. Furthermore, most ppl who bring children in this world are not critical thinkers n don't do it from a place of tru pure love bc if they were critical thinkers n were coming from a place of real love chances are they would choose not to simply bc the world needs a lot of work before it's fit for children. There's pedophiles n rapists and kidnappers n child sex traffickers everywhere. Even in positions of authority. In schools, daycares, churches, playgrounds hospitals foster homes social services etc etc etc. N until they are all gone, children have no business being brought here. Bc of this, anyone who willingly brings children into this world did so out of holy matrimony as humans are simply not mature enuf yet to be mating or procreating n the Holiest would not honor this type of creation bc of the reality that child will be traumatized. No matter how much $ or support systems someone has, ur children are not safe yet in this world. Also, there are many evil ppl who bring children into this world to avoid karma since children often come w a certain set of protections that their parents have lost and so they hide behind their children as shields. Like cowards. N their children take hit after hit of their parents karmic debt which builds up layers of dirt n grime on the child which is how generational curses are passed down n just keep going n going n going until one very special child is born into the family who says BASTA n refuses to bring children into this world until IT IS SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. But, as a result of majority of ppl living in denial to the truth, parents pretend to love their children bc society says they're supposed to n most parents lie to themselves about how they rly feel for their kids bc they're so ashamed bc they know if they were honest n if they rly said out loud how they felt they'd be hated by everyone. But this only breeds inauthenticity bc hiding their tru feelings doesn't change the facts of their tru feelings now does it. N children can feel this. N when they attempt to address it parents gaslight them bc they refuse to admit how they rly feel n this only serves to groom kids to not listen to their intuition when they are in the presence of someone who resents them but pretends to like them. N this puts them at serious risk bc only evil ppl pretend to love n like u as a means to get close to u so they can destroy u. It's a lot harder n riskier to destroy someone that ur not close to. N as I mentioned before, humans themselves were created out of holy matrimony. Humans were not created by the Holiest. They were created by the false mother and father, Lucifer and Lilith. Adam and Eve were an experiment. The garden of eden was a mock paradise in which Adam and Eve were tested to see who they would obey. The Holiest or Lilith n Lucifer. IF Adam and Eve had obeyed the Holiest, the human experiment would have been halted. But they listened to Lilith n Lucifer, and so the creation of humanity commenced. N this was done so that Lilith n Lucifer could build an army of vessels they could possess to carry out their agenda to take over The Holy Throne n the entire universe. This is the curse that is plaguing humanity. N until humanity on a mass scale becomes aware of how they were created n the intent w which they were created n how they are being used n who their creators actually are n then they choose to reject the false mother n false father n fully surrender to the real mother n real father, the Holiest, so that they can be raised properly, humanity will remain cursed. Adam n Even weren't aware of this. But I am being asked to make humanity aware of this to give them a chance to do the right thing. Will they do it? I don't know. Their fate lies in their choice.

So if ur an orphan. If you no longer have a mother and father or u finally are realizing that ur mother n father do not truly love u or maybe u even feel like u might have been kidnapped whatever ur case may be, try to see this is ur opportunity to become a child of the Holiest. Turn ur tears of grief into a river that will flow u right to the real mother n father. Yes they are tough n no u won't be allowed to get away w the shit Lilith n Lucifer allow humanity to get away w n u will be held to a very high standard n be expected to clean up all ur messes. No, u won't get to have them physically present w u to hold u n dry ur tears but they will find a way to hold u and dry those tears regardless n I promise you without a shadow of a doubt u will never feel more loved n protected n proud of who u are becoming as a result of them raising u up to be real men n women. They are fierce in how much they will protect u as long as u sincerely honor them n do not show loyalty to the false mother n false father. Their love is deeper than all the oceans n the universe combined. All u have to do is listen to them. Obey them. Respect them. Honor them. Give back n contribute to the royal holy family. Know ur place. N become part of the symbiotic force instead of the parasistic force that is a cancer to earth n all of holy creation.



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