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Overthinking. There are so many layers to this and so for clarity's sake, I am going to try to break down each and every scenario of overthinking to help u better read the energy within urselves and w others. Remember there's black and white truths to this and then there's the grey areas so I am going to try to cover all bases, using my impeccable overthinking abilities lol.

Ok. So first of all overthinking is a very necessary tool in a world w so much deception and lies. Overthinking is like exercise for the brain n it will help it grow n expand and be able to make room for more knowledge n truth which will help u naturally sharpen ur discernment but like any sorta exercise, it's not always the most pleasant experience in the areas where ur in need of the most work. Once u get better at it, it can be fun n exciting and challenging in a good way but there are moments where it can be a bit frustrating. Such is the nature of learning n healthy stress and expansion. Emphasis on HEALTHY stress. But here's the thing, is it rly overthinking? Or are u just thinking more than most are capable of thinking themselves so to them ur "over" thinking bc they can't keep up w u?

I will always see someone referring to overthinking in a negative way as a red flag but not everyone who sees overthinking as a negative thing is necessarily a predator or a bad person or doing so w consciously malicious intent. I've noticed that there's three types of ppl who use the phrase overthinking to describe critical deep thinking abilities n strong discernment and problem solving skills in a negative light: 1. ppl who have been shamed and judged and gaslight for overthinking and didn't realize what was happening to them so they now see it as bad n, altho not helpful at all, are just trying to get u to stop overthinking to "help" u avoid judgement from others, but this is technically grooming (hint: once u become more confident in urself u will not give af about this type of judgement from others) 2. ppl who can't think for themselves, bc they are too attached to group think and what others think for fear of standing out and being seen as different, and so they remain on the surface in the shallow waters of consciousness w the majority 2. and then the ppl who are deceiving u — and ur superpower "overthinking" abilities are absolutely going to figure out what they are doing w zero doubts so they cannot gaslight u. N they especially hate if u analyze their intentions enuf to be able to find the language to express exactly what they are doing to help remove the veil for others to see thru their tactics more clearly.

Ok so even tho it's technically not "over" thinking, but rather just a symptom of a highly intelligent brain that is very good at problem solving, I am still going to refer to it as overthinking since this is the phrase most commonly used by ppl. So, there's overthinking which is wholesome n rooted in logic and self preservation — to help u make sense of the nonsense that is happening so u can figure out the best escape route from their chaos trap. Playing dumb on the surface and overthinking behind the veil. This type of overthinking is a sign ur in the presence of a potentially very dangerous person and u can't just leave or run bc they have set traps up all around u so u rly need to calculate and have foresight for how to escape safely. This is why I will never judge or shame overthinking bc I have had to use this type of overthinking on numerous occasions in my life and it has saved my life and if i shame or judge overthinking, that could create a block from u using this tool to keep urself safe. Which is why it is always a red flag for me if someone shames overthinking.

Then there's inverted overthinking where dangerous ppl work their minds over time to try n invert everything ur saying (truth and common sense) to revert it into deception n manipulation to use to their advantage as a means to get/maintain power n control over u or others. This is often times why predators also shame overthinking bc they don't want u to see that they overthink in this way. But I don't want u to assume that just bc ur overthinking that u are in the presence of a dangerous person. U rly need to use ur own personal discernment for every situation or else u will work urself up unnecessarily and u could even falsely accuse someone who is not a threat to u but is in danger themselves and still under control by those dangerous ppl and as a result they give off an energy that feels off which causes ur brain to start overthinking. U aren't necessarily in danger in the presence of that specific person but bc of who is controlling them, u could be. So it's still a sign of a lack of safety and to take necessary precautions. Let's say for example u come across a victim who is in a very dangerous situation and as a result they need to lie to u. U sense they are lying, which makes u overthink n question their intentions, but what if they are lying bc if they tell the truth u both could end up dead n they know this but u don't and they can't tell u so they just have to let u think whatever u wanna think about them to protect u both. Most ppl refer to this type of behavior as toxic but I don't rly see survival strategies that are necessary when trying to escape dangerous ppl as toxic. Most often toxic behaviors in abusive environments are a sign of someone who is actively trying to find their way out but the ppl keeping them stuck there are making it very hard for them to do so resulting in them employing all different possible tactics to escape. Take "reactive abuse" for example. Some ppl see that as abuse or toxic. I absolutely do not. But these behaviors do feel toxic when they encounter someone who doesn't need to, or no longer needs to, utilize these types of strategies and to those who do not have compassion and empathy for their past selves who were reactive, necessarily. But if a victim is still in an abusive environment, n we try to take away those strategies from them we can put them in more danger and even prevent them from finding their way out. This is why I will never judge reactions bc all the reacting I did helped me escape to safety. N bc I thoroughly at the deepest level understand that to truly get to a place of being non reactive, first u have to go thru the stage of being reactive. And so, I can tell the difference between "toxic" behaviors and abuse bc I have over thought about these scenarios on such a deep level that I see so called "toxic" behaviors more so as a sign for me to give that person space to find their way but I don't judge them bc I don't judge the person I was when I was in those situations. But I also deeply understand that the only one who can save them, is the Holiest. Bc this is the only one who saved me. All i can do is be a light so they see it is possible to make it to the other side n so they feel less alone on the journey but the Holiest is the only one who can help them heal so they can find their way. Please listen to this sermon on Healing for the Holy to better understand what I mean here.

As previously mentioned, ppl who are very dangerous also overthink but these ppl are overthinking their way out of personal accountability or to figure out how to manipulate and deceive u or how to one up u or how to paint u as the bad guy to deflect that they are the bad guy. All of this is the inverted form of overthinking and of course these ppl will never admit they do this so take from that what u will to help sharpen ur discernment even more about those who shame overthinking.

Remember, overthinking bc ur in the presence of someone lying to u or deceiving u or just not being transparent where u absolutely deserve transparency and wanting to keep u in the dark, IS UR SPIRITUAL DEFENSE MECHANISMS kicking in. And if ur truly a pure heart, ur not the type of person to just automatically assume someone is guilty without some type of more solidified evidence. So ur brain starts doing what a healthy brain that is connected to a healthy heart would do and it starts working over time to try and make sense of the energy (which, in fact, overthinking is a necessary part of the process to learn how to read energy) and better understand why things aren't making sense. To put it plain n simple, u cannot sharpen ur discernment without the process of overthinking.

I'll share w u an example from my life. Have u ever been around narcissistic intellectual ppl? There was a time I thought I was stupid bc I couldn't understand what they were saying and I didn't have the same level of intelligence as them until I finally realized THRU OVERTHINKING that they are literally not saying anything intelligent they are using word salad manipulation techniques and big fancy words to make themselves appear as tho they are more intelligent n saying something meaningful and insightful and wise and important as a tactic to make me feel inferior so I won't question what they are doing. But I did question it and I figured it out by overthinking. And nothing they say is in fact logical n makes zero sense. N my overthinking abilities helped me to finally realize this. Bc my brain needs to make sense of things to navigate the reality. Bc u can't properly navigate the reality or understand what ur doing unless it makes sense. And not just on a superficial level, but at the root. The WHY. Why do we do this? Why do we do that? These questions are important to ensure u don't just follow the crowd and u truly understand what ur aligning w n why ur doing anything ur doing, so u can be FULLY PRESENT in the experience. N overthinking is part of the process to make sense out of nonsense.

Another thing to keep in mind how manipulative ppl will trick u to use ur overthinking abilities against u is that when ur dealing w a manipulator u can say things in the clearest way possible and they will pretend they do not understand just to try and make u doubt urself n to waste ur time to distract u from the fact ur spot on to make u doubt ur communication skills causing u to overthink about urself in a way that is absolutely unnecessary and designed to make u doubt ur own intelligence n make u feel stupid when ur not at all. Something else to consider here is that ppl w pure intentions will not shame u for overthinking. They aren't going to see ur overthinking as a red flag. They will immediately put the blame back on themselves (not in an unhealthy woe is me blame but as a personal accountability blame) as tho they are not communicating clearly (bc we all do this at times especially when we need to better develop our communication skills or we are nervous or just tired but none of that is malicious unclear communication) and or their conscience will make them realize that they need to be more vulnerable about something, as long as it is safe for everyone to do so. This is why it is IMPERATIVE that if ur truly a good person how easy it is for someone with impure intentions to take advantage of this wholesome and pure characteristic in u. The solution is not to stop being this way bc those who are pure of heart always deserve this type of energetic exchange as these are the qualities of a pure heart and the only way u can truly build trust w another pure heart. U have to always embody personal accountability when ur communicating w others and both need to feel safe to overthink and be vulnerable n honest about that and to be able to ask for clarity. Ppl have a right to know WHY. As long as of course the reason they want to know why is to ensure what they are doing n aligning w makes sense n not to milk u of info that they will later use against u. N if ur truly dealing w someone who is pure of heart chances are ur not going to overthink at all, or barely. But I don't want to say it can never happen bc earning trust naturally comes w overthinking and questions and some healthy skepticism. This is why u take it slow. Can u just easily earn the trust of a bear or a lion? No. all wild animals are going to overthink and be cautious and skeptical of ur intentions until over time ur consistency of energy and actions makes them realize ah ok we are on the same page nothing to worry about and then everyone opens up and it's all good vibes and overthinking likely will never happen again as long as ur building trust n no one does anything to break it, then in fact overthinking will naturally decrease over time until eventually it is gone for good. Ppl who want to pull the wool over ur eyes do not have the patience to go thru the more challenging process of steadily building a relationship and instead they expect u to just trust them upfront. But that's not the reality of the world we live in. Trust must be earned. Anyone who is not going to take the time to go thru that process slowly is going to leave u in a constant state of overthinking and anxiety and eventually ur entire life and health is going to deteriorate. N if u want to live as healthy of a life as u can in the midst of spiritual war and insanity and unhealthy shit everywhere, u cannot afford to allow this in ur life.



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