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learning how to read //

Without going deeper into what alignment actually means, it just becomes another buzzword that tricks ppl into a trance. Bc here's the reality, if you can't read energy behind the words ppl are saying/writing then those words are more than likely going to used as spells to block u from seeing exactly what those words really mean to the person speaking them. And without learning to not just read words but the actual energy behind the words being spoken, you will have no idea what you are actually aligning with. Think of it like being able to see past someone's glamour magic that they use to try to hide how ugly their insides are. They appear beautiful on the outside, to someone who can't read energy, but when u have the ability to see past the veils n spells n smoke n mirrors n illusions they create to distort ur perception of the reality n how ppl see them, u can see that beauty is superficial and does not come from within. Ppl use language in the exact same way. To lure u in. To give u the impression that ur saying the same thing w words but w energy, not at all. N this is the difference between ppl who are real and ppl who are fake. In fact think about how many ppl call themselves a real one but once u get to know them they are actually fake af. But their definition of being real, is being fake. See what I'm saying? Or nowadays so many are calling themselves chosen ones but once u get to know them ur like hmm chosen by whom? Satan. Bc evil has chosen ones, too. So their definition of being a chosen one is quite different than someone who is chosen by the holiest. This is why I always say the devil is in the details. U need laser sharp vision to see beyond the veils of these words to make sure ur not just in alignment w the words these ppl speak but the energy behind the words.

This is why I say ppl who have experienced severe trauma n never became like their abusers n know they have a clear conscience n are in fact nothing like their abusers can spot these patterns n can see thru the disguises quite easily. They have experienced these deceptive ppl who lured them in w words, but survived. Which is why so many ppl try to invalidate and discredit and silence the stories of trauma survivors. The ones who live to tell the tale n can spot these predator types quite easily as a result. Make no mistake these ppl are a massive threat to evil. The truth is being able to read energy to this degree is not something anyone can teach u. U can only learn thru life experience, the hard way. It's the difference between reading a book about basketball and actually going to play basketball and learning hands on. N not everyone is going to make it to the court. I can tell u that so n so is a snake and a liar and has bad intentions bc I can see it clear as day. But if they have not shown u that side to them yet, which they have shown me, u will just have to go thru the motions to discover it on ur own. N honestly there is integrity in that. Bc if u do not have solid proof u do not want to falsely accuse an innocent. What if I am the one lying? I'm not saying I am but having discernment means questioning everything and everyone until ur certain. If u do not know me well and there is no way for u to tell for certain who is the liar then the most honest thing to do is to sit back and observe and see both sides bc time will tell. There are a lot of ppl out here who run smear campaigns on innocent ppl. I cannot tell u how many times ppl have betrayed me and out of nowhere started hating me just bc someone else told them to. W no proof that there was any valid reason to hate me or that I did anything worthy of having ppl be suspicious of me. So I truly do not want ppl to just take my word for it without gathering their own evidence. But if u see them plain as day do something wrong to me or someone else and u choose to overlook that or u do not think they are doing anything wrong when in fact they most definitely are? Or if I provide more than sufficient evidence and u still think they are innocent? That's a whole other story. N there is zero integrity in that. N to hell w u. But as long as i can see that ur hanging w snakes, and i know for certain they are snakes beyond reasonable doubt, even if u are not a snake but ur still trying to figure out for certain that those ppl are snakes, i will have to keep my distance from u. Sorry but these are lessons I have already learned n there is no way for me to know for certain if ur a snake like them or if ur still looking for solid evidence that they are a snake before u cut them off or accuse them or expose them. I have been guilty by association as well before. I have been in the company of some very bad ppl that I was not yet aware that they were so evil. Oh but I learned n i found my way out bc I was never truly aligned w those ppl at the core. So this is ur battle. I hope u win. I hope u see more clearly who u are so u will see the truth of the snakes that u surround urself with. But I do not know for certain if u will. N this is what alignment means at the deepest. Let's put it like this. If u align w my enemies I have no choice but to assume ur an enemy until u can prove otherwise. U have to defeat them so u can rise to meet me. This is how I will know ur meant to align w me. This is the only way trust can even be built. It is foolish to attempt to build trust w someone that is still in the company of snakes. Betrayal is almost inevitable.

Furthermore u inherent the karma, good or bad, with everyone u associate urself w and everyone they associate themselves w. n so on and so on. This is why so many evil things happen to good ppl and why so many good things happen to bad ppl. The good ppl get tricked into carrying the bad karma of the bad ppl and the bad ppl in exchange take the good ppl's good karma for themselves. Very unequal exchange. However, this is why being a lone wolf, if u have very good karma, is to ur benefit n why u will thrive in solitude where bad ppl could never thrive in absolute solitude bc then they will be left w only their own bad karma to clean up lol. And this is why if u have very good karma, u need to be so exclusive and picky w anyone who u allow into ur life and to access ur energy or ur life could fall apart simply bc of ur associations not bc u did anything wrong but bc of the imbalanced karmic energy exchange. If ur a lone wolf, u won't do well w anyone except other lone wolves who have successfully cleared all their bad karma they were carrying from their connections w bad ppl. This is also awareness of alignment. ANd also being aware that just bc someone is a lone wolf doesn't mean ur aligned. But I can guarantee that if ur a lone wolf u won't align w ppl who are part of communities.

There are levels n layers to this. We all have blind spots. I have blind spots but I also know for certain that once I spot a snake I have never in my life been wrong. And that is bc I know how to work w doubts n how to question n to collect factual evidence for the spiritual court bc falsely accusing an innocent is a very serious spiritual crime. N this is why my intuition is only the first piece of evidence. But that is not enuf to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Imagine going to court and trying to present a case to a judge and jury and they ask for ur evidence as to why ur accusing someone of a crime and u respond w "my intuition told me" LMAO. It's the same in spiritual court. The judges will laugh in ur face. Get evidence or be dismissed. The intuition must be grounded. To prove that it is logical. Otherwise u will end up w the enemies intuition which gets a bad feeling about someone all bc that someone has the power to shine the light on all their evil. It's not the kind of intuition that is designed to keep innocent and good ppl safe it is the kind of intuition that evil ppl have that is designed to keep them safe from being caught.

To go deeper. Let's say ur in a relationship and u get an uneasy feeling about ur partner. That perhaps they are lying but ur not sure u just know something is off n maybe they aren't lying n maybe they are honest when u ask questions but if this happens repeatedly n ur a transparent communicator but ur constantly having to pry information from them then this means they are not on ur same level as far as communication goes n u will constantly have to be playing detective to get information out of them which is exhausting and not healthy bc they should know instinctively that is their obligation to disclose certain information to u. Ppl either have this intelligence or they do not. So maybe they're not lying or hiding anything but by not being a good communicator n forthcoming n transparent which are markers of healthy ppl on ur same level, then they constantly leave u in the dark and feeling unsettled and that means ur not aligned which is why u get the bad feeling. Ur intuition might jump to the conclusion that they are lying or hiding something when in reality they are just terrible communicators and constantly being left in the dark about info that is ur right to know which is never going to make u feel good which is why u get the bad feeling. These types of ppl don't know how to build trust or how to kill doubt and fear and they leave the window wide open for it to creep in. Ur not safe around them. Ur intuition is simply saying ur not aligned and ur not safe. This is why u need to investigate feelings deeper and not jump to conclusions or else it weakens ur intuition's ability to read situations clearly in the future.

So, if ur someone who goes thru the due process w ppl before jumping to conclusions and making false accusations w very limited evidence that could destroy an innocent person's reputation or life, then ur also only aligned w ppl who go thru the same due process. But every bad feeling w ppl who ur close to needs to be investigated deeper, regardless. Do not ever gaslight urself. N do not ever let anyone gaslight u. Never dismiss it. If ppl try to dismiss ur bad feelings as tho ur overthinking or they get annoyed w u for having doubts or they try to blame ur intuitive feelings on past trauma as a means to gaslight ur intuition n make it seem like ur crazy or paranoid, I can assure u that ur intuition is doing its job of protecting u w someone who is not morally and energetically aligned w u n is trying to deceive u.

intuition + alignment //

One thing I have often spoken on in the past is how our intuition is designed to not only keep us safe but to also keep ppl safe from us. Sometimes I get bad feelings w ppl but that does not mean the person I am dealing w is bad it just means that they are not on my level n thus do not have the same level of protection n intuition and skills I have w where they are at n if they try to enter my life w where I am at it will not only slow me down or put me at risk but it will also put them at risk bc they do not come w the same level of protection n do not have what it takes to battle the demons i am currently battling. i would become a babysitter to them. n this is an unequal relationship. everyone has to work their way up. be initiated. I have to be very cautious about who I let in my life and I need to be certain that they have the same level of awareness of the reality I live in and the dangers I am up against and their own level of protections and skills that match n complement mine like a solid team so they can protect me just as much as I can protect them. It needs to be equal. Otherwise we are not aligned and both at risk.

What I am trying to say is that the intuition comes w steps. It is a process. First is the feeling. Then the intuition guides u to the evidence to confirm or deny the feeling. Or perhaps ur not given any more information and u also need to accept that until ur given further proof. Then there is the analysis of that evidence or lack thereof which is also evidence. N this is the part that so many spiritual and intuitive ppl leave out. The analysis. The logical part. We have a brain for a reason. Ppl like to discredit thinking as some sort of bad thing but that is what the brain is designed to do, TO THINK. Only feeling and no thinking results in delusional ungrounded psychosis. Only thinking and no feeling results in lack of sufficient evidence bc u need the feeling part to guide u to the sufficient evidence that GROUNDS the feeling into the reality. The logical analysis aspect of ur intuitive abilities IS INHERENTLY INTUITIVE and this is the most important step in discernment. Otherwise ur instrument is not fine tuned n u do not have discernment ur just someone who accuses and frames innocent ppl. Now once u have all the information necessary, there is the action step to take based on that evidence. This process can happen in less than 30 seconds or it can even take years. Each situation determines the course of how quick or slow these all play out. But without it, ur NOT aligned w real HOLY intuition. The type of intuition that is designed to keep INNOCENT lives safe. Not evil ones. Bc an unholy intuition is designed to keep evil ppl safe.

Think about the movie The Green Mile or Devil's Knot. Just a few examples of ppl who will swear up and down their intuition is telling them something is off about someone but they are projecting n destroying someone's life based on lies and delusions. This is pure evil n how evil intuition works. Not only do innocent's lives get destroyed but then the actual evil ones roam free to continue traumatizing other innocents. Locking up innocent ppl from horrific crimes they did not commit is NOT JUSTICE. It is FURTHER INJUSTICE. This is the reality of the world we live in n why there is no justice in the justice system.

To sharpen n fine tune ur intuition so that it is oriented towards the goodness it is imperative to understand that as long as u have misalignment in ur life, which means ur aligned w bad ppl and don't yet see that they are bad, then ur intuition will only be as sharp as ur alignment. If u can't see that those ppl in ur life are bad then u will likely overlook other bad ppl w those same patterns. But once u spot those patterns and u remove those bad ppl, then ur intuition will always notice those patterns and get sharper. The intuition is an instrument. Like a guitar. U have to learn how to tune it n how to take care of it n u learn how to play it better each day w practice. It is important to always keep in mind that just bc ur intuition doesn't always play right doesn't mean u cant trust it or that it is broken. It just needs to be tuned. A guitar isn't broken just bc it is out of tune. Getting into alignment w that which is ur core frequency is how u tune ur own intuitive instrument.

Everyday I see ppl claiming to be seers and have discernment as if they have reached the pinnacle, yet they aren't seeing the snakes in their own house. N that's what I mean. There's layers n levels to discernment and to be able to see. Just like there are levels n layers to alignment. Some ppl will never see snakes as a threat bc they themselves are a snake. Instead they see the non snakes as a threat. They see anyone who can see that they are a snake behind their mask as a threat. This is what I mean when I say I can't trust u if u can't see the snakes ur welcoming into ur home. It would be one thing if ur battling them. That would give me hope that at least u do see them n ur trying to exterminate them from ur sacred space. But if ur inviting them in for a home cooked meal n u have no issues w this person despite their snakiness, i cannot be sure yet if ur a snake or if ur just still under their hypnotic trance. Go read the parable of the frog and the scorpion if u do not know it.

Let's go deeper.

a clear conscience //

The first and most important step to alignment n to sharpen ur discernment n ur intuition is u need a clear conscience. U need to know what is right from wrong on the deepest level and WHY. I cannot emphasize the why enuf. Just bc someone told u what is right or wrong is not a solid enuf why. Bc u need to understand the wrong at the root and the negative effects it has on us all as a whole n u need to understand the right at the root and the positive effects it has on us all as a whole. Take for example the selling of crystals or essential oils, especially frankincense. There was a time I did not think it was wrong. They are so pretty and essential oils smell so good. I love pretty things n i love smelling good. What's wrong w that? So i thought. But bc I do the work of clearing my conscience which aligns me w the vibration of symbiosis I realized one day that buying crystals from stores is wrong bc of how much the business exploits earth and the ppl who mine them. And then I was aligned w someone who told me about the exploitation of frankincense in Somalia. And I took all my crystals and threw them in the river n buried them in the earth. N now I will never ever buy essential oils ever again. Bc in hindsight crystals or essential oils are not a basic need. I do not need them for my survival. They are a luxury that comes at the expense of others and that is where I cannot justify using those materials. Of course some ppl do not yet see this as wrong. I get it bc I was once there too. But that lack of awareness and alignment is now beneath me. Which means I cannot be aligned w those who do not see this as wrong bc now I know better so not only am I held to that standard but I have to make sure that those who want to be part of my life are also held to that same standard. Or at the least that they accept the standard once it is presented w the sufficient evidence bc they don't prioritize selfishness over what is right.

Clearing ur conscience allows u to be presented w this type of information n instead of getting triggered bc now u need to make changes, ur grateful bc now ur being given an opportunity to make these changes so u can be more aligned. This is a way of taking care of n sharpening ur intuition by honoring it when information is presented to u that is telling u that what ur doing is out of alignment w ur personal morals values principles and integrity and in fact compromising the health and growth and precision of ur intuition. Clearing ur conscience is what helps u see more clearly to ensure ur not using the false intuition to avoid personal accountability. Which causes u to get upset at anyone presenting info that lets u know ur out of alignment bc u interpreted what they were saying as them being a hater instead of trying to help u get more in alignment w what u claim to be in alignment w. When u spend significant amounts of time in silence and in solitude to get to know urself and ur thoughts and to look at every crack n crevice of urself leaving no stone unturned and make personal accountability a priority then this just becomes the way of life for u. N ur receptive to being made aware of all the ways ur out of alignment bc if ur not u can't grow and get better as a person for the world. N this is exactly the environment and mindset ur intuition needs to thrive and become more discerning and to grow and expand and see even more clearly so that u can continually raise ur standards and morals and boundaries above the snake level and at the eagle eye view. So that u can become the predator that hunts and kills the snakes instead of the snakes hunting and killing u.

being a seer //

Now let's circle back around to the beginning of this post regarding the tricks ppl use w words. I've said often that what one words means for you, means something very different for me. Similar to words like integrity. Or morals. Or paradise. Or holiness. What these words mean for me on an energetic level does not necessarily hold the same energetic frequency for others. Since evil ppl love to use these words to give the appearance that they are of good moral character. Virtue signaling. This is one of my gripes about all languages in general bc they are superficial unless u know how to also read energy. This requires u to be brave enuf to see the truth. Whether that be an uncomfortable truth within urself that u need to hold urself accountable for or seeing the truth of the person pretending to be good who is not safe or good at all. For example, seeing the good in ppl that are not good is going to put u at odds w ppl that can see that those ppl are pure evil and using that goodness to play on ur empathy and compassion. Let's say for example ur mother and father are not good ppl. But u have still not accepted that they are not good ppl. Ur unwillingness to see the truth of who they are is blocking u from sharpening ur intuition and discernment and seeing ppl clearly who embody the same patterns as them so u can avoid them. And if left untreated u will become the same as them. And as long as u refuse to see it u will never get the morals or standards back that they took from u that u need to rise above that demonic trap that they are stuck in. Seeing comes w great responsibility and grief. A lot of detachment and a lot of goodbyes and also watching ur back. Bc ppl w something to hide are going to want u dead bc of ur ability to see and escape that which they cannot escape. It's like a witch hunt. Except ur not a bad witch. U use ur powers for good. But the bad witches who use their powers for evil will want to kill u. Bc not only do u have the power to see them for who they rly are but u also have the power to expose them which can help others who are ready to see and be set free also escape. They have a lot to lose bc of what u can see. Do not underestimate this for one second. U want to see? U need to be prepared to move differently in this world. U need to be prepared for A LOT of ppl to be cursing and hexing u at once and how to work w that. U need to be ok w being isolated n standing alone. U need to know ur a threat to evil ppl. This puts a target on ur back. When ur a tru seer, u need to be ok w being hated and ok w ppl not seeing or understanding u at all. U need to be patient w the truth coming to light bc time has its own time and eventually the truth will be revealed but not on ur time but when it is aligned for the greater good. Accepting in totality what u see can be very isolating but it is for ur protection. But don't take my word for it. If ur a seer, u will experience it urself. Or perhaps u already are.

One of the most important aspects of discernment is to be aware that ppl can fake good energy for a while before u notice that ur not aligned at all. This is why so many ppl experience that honeymoon phase in the beginning of relationships n then suddenly they become a different person n honeymoon is over. Evil spirits use these tricks to get u attached n empathizing w the person who is possessed so that by the time u notice the mask slipping it's harder for u to leave n now ur bound to them. This is the tru definition of a trauma bond. It is always predator/victim. Ur traumas that are still healing are blind spots. But predators see ur blind spots n instead of warning u of them, they see it as an opportunity to take advantage. This is where they hook u. It's not actually a bond. It's a hook. If ur truly on a healing journey u will eventually be able to unhook. One other thing I want to throw in that I use to help me w ensuring I am aligning w ppl of my same standards and not ppl who are pretending, I have certain symbols that are kind of like secret passwords that mean something very specific for me. So someone could say all the right words n even be able to fake that good energy they are simply matching in me but the moment they say that code word or use that symbol, I now have one more piece of evidence for the case to prove I need to not allow them in my life.

To sharpen even more, u need to learn how to spend time alone and not ask for anyone else for advice or solutions except the Holiest. This not only ensures ur deepest privacy for wherever ur currently most vulnerable but it also ensures that u will be given the most helpful and solid guidance. N this is the MOST important part about alignment. ALIGNMENT DETERMINES IF UR COMMUNICATING W THE HOLIEST OR LUCIFER or any of Lucifer's demons. N how to be CERTAIN. N the Holiest is NOT God. God is the first born male (my husband). Goddess is the first born female (me). The Holiest is the merged Holy Father & Holy Mother as ONE unit. They are the complete yin + yang (which does NOT include evil, btw). However, most ppl think they are talking to "God" but are not even talking to the first born male, they are in fact talking to Lucifer. Discernment is understanding that the Holiest is not about to help anyone who is helping Lucifer. U need to prove to the Holiest that ur on the Holy/wholesome side of this war or else I can guarantee Lucifer or Lilith or one of their demons will be answering ur prayers. Once u know for a fact who you're speaking to, sharpening ur discernment means the Holiest is the first one u go to when u need help, solutions, answers, guidance. Others may lead u astray. Some knowingly some unknowingly. But the Holiest, never. Instead of going to readers, ask for messages to find u. Instead of going to therapists ask the Holiest to show u n give u everything u need to heal. But having discernment means knowing that as soon as the Holiest sends a msg to be delivered to u, so is the devil. U will need to question everything that is sent ur way to ensure that it is in fact coming from the Holiest. The Holiest will encourage u to question for ur clarity wherever u may have doubts and will guide u to whatever u need to do or be told or experience so u can remove those doubts. The devil hates being questioned and rewards u for blindly following. And so always consider the source of every message. I know ppl love to say focus on the message n not the messenger. But the source of the message determines the intent and energy of the message n where it comes from. Doesn't matter how good it sounds it's the ENERGY behind it. Ppl steal my words and language all the time n even try to use it against me, but bc they take it and invert it for their own agenda, the energy of the message is no longer pure or authentic n in the long run that action will cause those stolen words to be used against them.

To better understand how the devil n holiest work to answer ur prayers in this spiritual war, I will describe a scenario. Imagine ur so hungry. Ur practically starving. So u pray for food. The devil heard this prayer. The holiest heard this prayer. The devil shows up w a meal prepared so beautiful smelling so good w all ur favorite foods. Fresh out the oven. But all of it is poisoned. N it's not even real food. (I don't know if u ever saw that movie hanzel n gretel but I am referencing this movie here so go watch it to better understand what I am saying). If you decline the invitation from the devil, up ahead is the Holiest's gift to u. If u do not decline, U will not get the gift that is pure and the best thing for u which is food growing fresh from the earth n all ur own land to grow ur own food n a fire pit to cook it all. Yes u have to do the work to make the meal unlike the devil who made it so easy and didn't require u to work at all. But this way u know for certain it is not poisoned and not only that but u get to learn so much in the experience. And now u will never run out either. The devil is going to try to keep u stuck and get u to settle for less than ur most wholesome worth. The Holiest is going to hold u accountable to HOLINESS. TO WHOLESOMENESS. The Holiest is going to be tuff. And hold u to the highest standards. Ur going to have to work and delay pleasures and instant gratifications n u will have to make sacrifices. Ur going to have to say no. Ur going to have to speak up. N have boundaries and rules. Ur going to make others who don't want to respect ur rules and boundaries uncomfortable. Ur going to have to make decisions to protect urself. Ur going to have to push away anyone who is not rising to meet ur standards even if it means being alone.

One other thing u need to keep in mind, the reason I say that being a seer is such an isolating experience is bc picking up on the energy and intentions of others long before others do means it could be years or maybe never before they see what u see. N u need to be careful about warning ppl. I completely understand u wanting to warn ppl. It's a virtuous endeavor as long as ur intent is pure I completely understand ur just trying to help them so they don't get hurt in the same ways those ppl tried to hurt u. But just remember some ppl don't deserve to be warned and some ppl truly do need to see for themselves. So be careful who u warn. n always be careful who you help. This is one of the hardest n most painful lessons I had to learn. Bc truly being in alignment w The Holiest means also not helping anyone who is helping Lucifer + Lilith's regime. This is why you can't trust therapists or readers or witches or healers or spiritualists or anyone who will help just anyone as long as they are paid, even if who they are helping is on the evil side and is going to use all that help to create imbalance n cause innocent lives to suffer.

One last thing. And this is very important to solidify ur alignment w ur standards and ur rules and ur morals and boundaries. First of all be aware that morals and rules and boundaries and standards are either rooted in narcissism or altruism. Just like self respect or self love or self worth. And so, to strengthen ur own self awareness and secure ur alignment, it is very important for u to get clear on not just what ur standards and rules and morals and boundaries are but WHY. And on the deepest level. The WHY on the deepest level is KEY. For example for the longest time I didn't believe in m/f platonic friendships. But I couldn't hold this standard n would waver back n forth until I got to the root of the WHY. Once I got to the root and understood on a cognitive n spiritual level that made crystal clear sense as to why it is the most symbiotic altruistic standard, then this aligned my brain w my heart and my roots and now I no longer needed any life experiences to prove to me why that is a behavior that is below me.

Ok well that's all for now. I hope this helps u learn how to play ur instrument of discernment n intuition so much better so u can align w the holy/wholesome side of this spiritual war and thus ur greatest potential.




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