The Mothership

builder & stone

( together we build & rise )

I am now offering a three tier collaborative business consulting service for those who believe they have offerings that are a sincere need for people and are oriented towards the betterment of all of holy creation. I want to work with those of you who are serious about what you are about, know what I am about, understand how serious I am, resonate with my vision and where I am headed and you see yourself headed in the same direction. And, therefore want to collaborate and help each other the rest of the way.


( TIER I: HIGHWAY 369 ) This tier is open to the public. The other two tiers are private and can only be accessed after significant time working in tier i. I am open to working with different people of all different areas (from mechanics to engineers to artists/musicians to architects to hairdressers, etc) to help you build a solid foundation, problem solve, strategize, brainstorm, and to expand and grow your capacity to help as many people as you are meant to reach and inspire. The most important factor is that you are absolutely committed and focused and passionate and love what you are doing and know for certain it is your holy calling because it is a healing medicine for you and you will do it whether you are getting paid or not  and you will dedicate as much time as necessary to ensure the fruits and flowers of your tree blossom, because you believe in yourself, and you are naturally good at what you are naturally good at and so you want to share that with others who may also need your unique gifts and skills and medicine.


This service is very practical as I will be here to ensure your physical orientation is headed in the direction that is for the greater good of all of holy creation. As this will offer you the most solid foundation for you and your gifts and the ripple effects of you and your work will flourish. My gifts allow me to make sure the way you are working with your business and money and clients is of the highest moral and ethical values improving not only your quality of life but also the quality of life to those closest to you and who you serve. Which inevitably sends ripple effects of health and growth for us all. The ultimate goal is for us to build a long lasting business partnership that becomes mutually beneficial for us and for all of holy creation, leading us to the resurrection of a civilized mature healthy moral and harmonious world for us all. 


Our first conversation(s) will be complimentary for us to both make sure we are on the same page, headed in the same direction, of like mind morals values and solid work ethic and are consistent grounded and harmonious with one another, and that what I can offer will certainly be of benefit to you and that what you are offering is of sincere benefit to us all and that my skills and competency can help you succeed. 


For more information or to schedule your first call with me, please contact the Mothership at: *The other tiers (The Mothership tier & Paradise Tier) will not be revealed to anyone other than those on the Council and those who successfully collaborate with me on the first tier and who want to move on to the higher tiers. ** If you have a spiritual business or healing or therapy or mental health or coaching business this service is not for you. If you are not orienting, or do not care about orienting your offering or your business in the direction of the betterment of all of holy creation, this service is not for you.






Mothership Aboard



I am now looking for a group of individuals who will serve as the council of the Mothership Project. I am seeking professional competent  committed consistent purpose driven grounded clear headed highly moral solid sincere individuals who know what they are good at and what they are not good at and would like to contribute your unique valuable insights and perspectives and guidance into helping me bring this project to life. This is an adventure and a calling of a lifetime. If you do not believe in the resurrection of paradise, in me or in my vision, this is not for you. It is imperative that you know what you bring to the table and that you can offer a sincere and professional and competent skillset. 


DETAILS: please read this carefully so you are fully aware of the details before considering yourself in this role and the details you will be made aware of only once you have been appointed a role in the council 


  1. If you are part of the builder & stone collaboration project then you cannot serve on the council. However, if you are part of the collaboration and you no longer wish to be part of those tiers, you can then choose to inquire about your potential to serve on the council

  2. We will be meeting individually to get to know one another more personally as a means to determine if your place on the council will be a good fit for us all. I will be getting straight to the point to not waste either of our time but I am in no rush to make decisions and this same grace for your time will be extended to you as well. 

  3. No one is getting paid to be on this council. This is a role that is best fit for those who believe deeply in my vision and and want to be a leader in bringing the Mothership Project to life. 

  4. You will not know what the Mothership project is entirely and in full details until you have been approved of to serve the council. I will be giving you as much information as is necessary so you know exactly what you are aligning with so you can take an informed and educated and grounded decision but the full details will only be revealed to those who have taken the decision to commit to being a council member and who make it clear these details are revealed in confidence as to protect the integrity and vulnerability of this project during the inception stages

  5. Once the council has been formed, we will plan to have monthly meetings to discuss the following: 

    1. Potential collaborations on the Mothership Project with the current partners of builder & stone consulting

    2. Where we are at. What we need to do to grow. First steps. Brainstorming. Telling Sekhmet what to do. Goals before next meeting. 

    3. Meeting with those partners from builder and stone who are moving on to work on tier ii 

    4. Meeting with partners from builder and stone who want to exit that collaboration and be considered to serve on the council

6. Serving on the council does not require any work other than listening and helping us to connect and discuss and share ideas and calls to action and to protect the integrity of the Mothership Project. 

7. Council members will be the first to be made aware of the Laws of Ma’at which are the foundation to the completion of the Mothership Project.