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[ prelude to chapter three ]

drip drip drop little April showers. oh wait its' falling to the depths below time to tend to the roots again. it's always time to tend to the roots. until we find the ancient root of the west

winds and do you remember what they do to your soul. exactly. flow with the waves and build like the stones. a new trick for killing demons is to freeze them from the inside out until they shatter like an icicle and all of the particles catapult to the core of the sun. for a fish fry by royal holy golden light. fck them bitches. 

wanna dance for the stars w me? 

dance w me.

I will say this again.

I was thinking that it would be fun if we built a new dimension where only we are allowed to be there. I guess it's because there's a lot of things I wanna say to u and I just wanna make sure u and only u know these ancient secrets. they like to listen. 

but they twist everything.

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