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Temple Street Market



I’m curating my own online street market and gallery of some of my favorite artists for u to showcase ur work in AND be part of the trade show. THIS IS A TRU TRADE MARKET. Only those artists I choose to showcase can be part of the trade n gallery, however. I encourage everyone who is serious about their craft to apply. This is a curated market and gallery so please be aware that I will only be choosing artists who make art that I would want for myself and I may not want all of what you make to be part of the market or gallery. We all have different tastes and styles and resonance w certain aesthetics. It is nothing personal. 


This will open up another earning potential with other artists who want what you have to offer just as much as you want what they have to offer without the use of money or any currency other than the art itself. The street market will be beautifully showcased to the public to encourage others to get serious and master their craft and join the trade. But it will also help u to showcase ur work in a public online gallery w other specially chosen artists and gain more visibility for ur work thru my website and social media platforms. The curated temple street market will be visible to the public but only those who join the trade show with their own art ready to trade can particiapte in the show. 


you can choose to showcase ur work and be part of the trade for either one month or an entire year. The yearly subscription is the best deal but the monthly one does allow u to feel out whether or not this will be a lucrative investment. 


While you may not be making money directly from this market and gallery, you are getting marketing from my website, email, and social media platforms (and I love talking about things I love and all the reasons I love it) and access to a community of other high quality artists all over the world who may want to trade w you or even collaborate with you in some ways which is the best way to connect w others who are just as passionate and serious as u and also to get unique one of a kind handmade finds for gifts or for urself thru special trades! Your website links will be available to the public for them to head straight to your website to buy directly from you if the general public (non artisans or artists who are not part of the market) does not want to be part of the trade show. 

Pls remember art comes in many forms! Oils, butters, tinctures, products for hair and skin and body, clothes, even a service such as photography (but done in art form), the list goes on. If u think I will love what u have to offer, even if it doesn't fall under the conventional category of art, as long as u handmade it, I WANNA SEE IT 💋🌹disclaimer: for certain products u must be willing to send me a sample for me to try and I cannot guarantee I'm going to love it but I will offer my most honest feedback!

Apply Here
Are u willing to send sample of product?
What are you interested in?

Thanks for applying!
I will get back to u soon.

Email if u have any questions: sekhmet@thesunprophecy



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