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[ prelude to chapter four ]

flowers blooming where my heart tears are dropping the mission is to destroy all evil and then fertilize the soil w the ashes of babylon to grow the gardens of paradise my veins are filled w blood of gold i told u there's a method to my madness my resurrection the catalyst, demons my puppets falling right into my lap trap hush little baby don't say a word remember when i said do u have lightning shooting out of ur fingertips listen if i want to kill demons for a living, i will, try to stop me and u will meet my sister, santa muerte

i truly am the sweetest killer flower u will ever meet

these thorns a poison to my enemy

the petals medicine for my family

i am the code for u to decode

paradise is my baby n i am pregnant w her

almost time to pop her out


looks like u forgot

being able to stand alone n trust myself even when the whole world was against me, is where i found my power.

i am the holiest's heart and earth is my heart [ the simple life is the most beautiful life ] you have to fly to keep up w me


my heart said to me — wild is the spirit of love. it cries and laughs at the same time. dive into the depths of ur pain. turn it into ur passion. head for the fire that is ur life and watch urself emerge as a force so powerful that all the stars in the galaxy know ur name.


and they do sweet child. my sweetest child multidimensional demon slayer coming thru scuse me pls n ty my path is so sacred that every step i take flowers bloom in front of me and behind me. you are the sunshine on my face. the electricity flowing thru my body. the reason smiles became laughter. hang on tight little ones we are about to move at lightning speed thru the cosmos i have something to show u. 


just cuz i fell down doesn't mean i am not getting back up. n to all those who kicked me while i was down, lol, i'm back up. so what's up pup.

face every fear head straight for them. become so fierce on ur path to fearlessness that fear becomes afraid of u.

i am a revolutionary.

the spiritual revolution

i am not here to be liked.

i am here for freedom.

royal holy ancients — this ones for u. 

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