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[ prelude to chapter two ]

do I make your heart beat?

to the rhythm of your soul.

i know that i do

i am breathing life back into u

swooosh said the owl.

I hold ur heart with golden gloves

i just wanna know if you wanna dance w me 

dance w me.

would you spin me around and make me laugh or will you drop me? if you drop me will you make me laugh about it?

...or will I break?

was it an accident or did u do it on purpose? 

do u want me to break?

cuz if so i will shatter u to dust.

drip drip drop u into the pits of hell.

working on the way the tree bends the sea sends waves of memories that crash into the sand drip drops onto the clock the one that keeps spiraling for eternity means never-ending what remains is eternal the immortality of emotions that continue to carve the canyons where waterfalls scream and flowers are born this is what it means to be alive, to     give    birth to life and humans are death.

do you have eyes and do you look inside of them? 

there are portals of infinity tornadoes carrying the chaos away from the holy cosmos 

I am not creating this for you to understand. I am creating this for you to understand that you don't understand so that you can then understand. 

you have to be willing to break your own brain, the false brain, the mind that is not you, the thoughts that are not you, and then rebuild yourself on a foundation that is alive and loved

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