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[ prelude to chapter one ]

I don't know man I feel like there is about to be that wave, but then again maybe that is all over. you can never be too sure. the tide is high. I'm free falling my wings are on the floor we are going to have to clean them once we pick them up ok but please not at the laundromat let's go down to the river and pray there is a boulder spirit that is singing my name and needs me to tell them the stories of my adventures the mothership has known where we are going this entire time. I'll never forget the first day. I'll never forget that taste of freedom

remember the way the whirlpools would suck you under by your baby toe

those are evil spirits of the underworld using water as their portal to enter this realm

does this scare you? well what is scary is not knowing and going in water like that so yeah I'd rather know do you remember the dimension I created that one time and then I found a way to put it in my pocket? no? oh. ok. that's a good answer. 

I just do not like the way your brain flickers on and off it's so bullshitty and if you could just get that thing together and put the marbles back where they belong we could have a much smoother experience like that time on the lake when it was early morning and no one was yet there and it was so still and so clear and so blue and you could see the entire universe in that lake but then a portal of truth swallowed you whole. u deserved it. bc ur the lie. 

the stars at night have messages about how to better strategize your day based on what they saw you experience yesterday 

and so you have to ask them to deliver those messages to you in your sleep and then you should have a better more refined more precise order of operations come sun up or perhaps it will take 3 sunrises one can never be too sure because sometimes the sun is feeling a little overworked there was a time there were 3 and so let's let her breathe and anyways time has her own time

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