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word, the holy word

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The holy word is a gift. N bc it is a gift, it will first come w a test to make sure that the receiver is worthy of the gift. The Holiest will choose a vessel to deliver the word and this person may not appear valuable thru the eyes of evil hearts. Perhaps they are poor. Don't have the right kind of car. Or home. Or the are disheveled or severely traumatized. Or appear as tho the can do nothing for the receiver. Or not wearing expensive clothes or whatever. Or appearing as tho they are not going anywhere in life. Maybe they don't have frens or family. Maybe they don't have social status. Maybe they don't have a lot of followers on social media. Maybe they are bullied and made fun of and gossiped about by many. This is all by the Holiest's design tho. It's all part of the test that the chosen holy messenger is before anyone can receive the holy word. N the Holiest wants to make sure that the chosen holy messenger sees clearly who these ppl are. To recognize the energetic pattern. Bc those who have inverted judgement in their hearts, don't deserve to receive the gift of the holy word or to be respected by the chosen holy messenger or the Holiest. N they won't if they don't value n appreciate the chosen holy messenger, sincerely. N this cannot be faked to the Holiest. N some will try to fake appreciating it w the intent to steal it as their own bc they want to make $ and become famous for it n get the attention n love n admiration for it. But unless the holy word comes from the chosen holy messenger which means it comes w that frequency behind the word bc only that vessel can deliver both the word AND the frequency, no matter how good it sounds or how many eat it up, it will never be the holy word. These types of ppl become false prophets who work for satan's army.

N here's the thing about the holy word. I have received it many times throughout my life. N i recognize it every time it shows up bc it's the pure holy energy that is undeniable n the look in the messengers eyes. N the innocence they embody. It stops me in my tracks. I think about it the entire day. It moves me. It inspires me. It makes perfect sense for me. It puts things in perspective. It gives me peace and hope and strength n more faith. It helps me when I am feeling scared or lost or doubtful or wanting to give up. It reminds me of my worth and my purpose. It makes me feel more confident. I am immediately humbled in their presence even if they appear w less $ or doing worse than me. Bc it's not just the words being said. But it's the timing n it's the frequency of the message behind the words. N bc i could recognize this, i naturally valued and appreciated the chosen messengers sent to give it to me. Bc the Holiest chose THAT specific person to deliver it, so they must be treated w the utmost respect, as royalty. If anyone else said it who was not chosen, it would not have that energy come w it. Often the words that are being said, could easily be found in books ppl have written or on social media or in movies or even song lyrics or wherever. Often times what is being said by the chosen messenger of the Holy word is not necessarily brand new words but it's brand new when that chosen messenger delivers it and very profoundly impactful bc of the way they deliver it. Bc they are serving as a portal not just for the words to come thru, but for the receiver of the word to receive the energy of pure love of pure truth of pure faith of the truth that exists in paradise and of something that is so much more profound than the words themselves. But if the person who is speaking those words was not specifically chosen by the Holiest to deliver those words, then the most important part of the word will not be received, which is the frequency of the Holiest. Instead it will be delivered in the inversion, or it will be lifeless, not very inspiring at all. The frequency that can only come thru the chosen messenger is ultimately the gift. N not very many are deserving to receive it. This is why the chosen messenger appear in ways that the unworthy will judge w their evil hearts. Skin color. Social status. Somehow who appears easy to take advantage of. Someone who appears naive or broken. Etc. This is a form of protection of the holy word and a way to ensure it is only given to those who truly deserve it bc they don't just appreciate the word but also the chosen messenger.

U know how I always say "a medicine for some and a poison for others". This is what I mean. Bc when the Holiest tells the chosen messenger to deliver a message, then those who receive it w hatred in their hearts due to their inverted judgements of the messenger who is most often ostracized in some way or hated n envied by many n ppl are scared to be seen w or associate w for fear of what others will think will not pass the test to receive the holy word. If they don't see the value n the beauty of the messenger at the time of the delivery, they will not receive the gift of the holy word. Some ppl will just completely not even listen to the message that is in fact pure gold and toss it out like it's trash or irrelevant all bc they think that person is irrelevant and not going anywhere in life n so they think if they listen to what that person says they will end up like them not realizing that the chosen holy messengers are in fact headed to paradise. Those who dicard or discredit them or steal they holy word from them or think they aren't going anywhere bc of a perceived social status, are going to hell. But they are too blinded by the wrong things and the wrong ppl they won't see this til it's too late. The Holiest could care less tho. N then there's others who will recognize that the message is pure gold but envy the messenger and don't want them to receive any love or attention or admiration bc they want it all for themselves n envy causes ppl to take from those they envy, n they see it as an opportunity to steal it and capitalize from it n make themselves appear like the chosen messenger of the holy words when they were in fact not chosen by the Holiest to deliver that message. Bc they know it's valuable but in reality the only thing that makes it valuable is if it is received by the chosen messenger bc only the chosen messenger can deliver the frequency of the holy word, never someone who steals it as if they were chosen to deliver it. This behavior is against spiritual law (please refer to the laws of ma'at: law.ii + law.iii to learn more), however, and these ppl will eventually pay for it. They just keep doing it bc they have yet to receive the consequences so they think they are getting away w it but I can assure u when the times comes, they will realize the weren't at all n will regret it and beg for mercy but unfortunately for them it will be too late n they will not be granted mercy or grace. Bc anyone who does this doesn't just steal the holy word, but inevitably inverts the holy word by trying to present themselves as a chosen holy messenger when they were in fact not chosen to deliver that message bc their hearts are not pure despite them thinking they are, and so they do invert it. And as a result they lead many innocent young naive souls who are trying to sincerely find guidance, astray thru an inverted holy word. That energy cannot be faked. The Holiest pays very close attention to the chosen messengers and how everyone receives them n what they do w the holy words they receive. N in babylon it is extremely rare to see a chosen messenger of the holy word treated or valued as they deserve. But those who truly matter in the holy spiritual realms, always see n value them as royalty. Especially the Holiest. And this is ultimately what matters most.

N eventually all the false prophets all those who pretend to be chosen holy messengers n become false idols as a result, will fall, eventually all of babylon will fall. And the tru chosen messengers won't just be valued by those in the holy spiritual realms but by all those who make it to the future paradise being resurrected on earth bc they proved themselves worthy to be part of this future and to receive the holy word by deeply valuing and appreciating the chosen holy messengers that are often hated n not valued or appreciated by those ppl who will not be making it to the future bc the holy chosen messengers serve as a reminder and reflection that they do not have a future.

To those of u who make it, see u there. Kiss kiss from the mothership 💋



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