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foreword //

Now before I start this I want to make sure it's very clear that I am in no way shape or form shaming victims of sex trafficking who were forced into sex work at a very young age and who have yet to find their way out of sex work. I truly hope this msg will reach those of u who are still stuck in sex work so you can see urselves more clearly vs the women who are willfully in it (bc at their core they hate women n want to destroy tru feminine sacred sexuality and what it rly means to be a woman) n as a result making it harder for u to escape or even realize the extent of the trauma that has happened to you so even if you do escape it will be that much harder for u to actually heal so u can get back up and seek justice. Pls understand that sex trafficking and sex work is only possible bc of the women who help keep it alive, the women who willfully submit to this perversion. Men who are sex traffickers, who kidnap women n children, would have no power if women who embody SACRED SEXUALITY stood together against this evil. Let this msg be a call to action to women all over the world. Bc our trauma does not stop until GOOD women stand together by speaking up against the men and women who keep this alive and tending to the garden to uproot this evil parasitic weed out of paradise for good.

N please also do not mistake this msg for religious brainwashing that seeks to hide a woman's sexiness or beauty away. However, I do believe that at times it is safer n wiser for her to cover up for her own safety but that must always be her choice and only bc she does not yet feel safe to share her sexiness and beauty w the world. But if you read this all the way thru I explain what is necessary for a woman to embody her sacred sexuality and stay safe in this world. N trust, it is a very long hard road that requires a massive amount of discipline and sacrifice. There is nothing easy about it. Bc of the power that sacred sexual energy holds to make this world a more beautiful and safer place to exist. I do hope this message will make the path a lot easier to walk than it has been for me.

perverted sex work vs sacred sex work //

So, there's sex work that is perverted. N then there's sex work that is sacred. Sex work that is sacred is not actually work. It's a state of BEING. It is a natural sensual connection to nature and her rhythm and flow and heartbeat. It is so pure in and of itself. So beautiful in and of itself it is not something one has to TRY to be. IT JUST IS. Sex work that is perverted, however, goes AGAINST the laws of nature goes against the tru rhythm of the holy cosmos and thus requires a lot more work (especially bc of its deceptive nature) and this is why you see over time perverted sex workers looking very run down and sick and just overall not good energy or health. Whereas those who operate on the sacred sex wave of life just get more n more beautiful n healthier n w more power and energy. Bc sacred sex work naturally protects n creates more beauty in the world n leads themselves and others back to WHOLESOMENESS. N perverted sex work protects n creates more ugly in the world while having to wear a mask of beauty to hide their intent. But tru beauty is quite terrifying and fake beauty is not.

Perverted sex work has ppl in a chokehold and by the balls and the damage that has done to women children men sexuality femininity masculinity beauty health and well —everything, has been catastrophic to say the least. Since sex is quite literally the beginning of everything, the force of creation. But not all sex creates sacredness. N this is the key difference between perverted sex workers and sacred sex workers.

Now let me ask u this, would u rather be born to two parents who are so deeply in love and only love each other and only desire each other and are naturally and easily so loyal and they created you from the most sacred sexual place that exists in these cosmos, OR would you like to be born as a product of rape or to a woman who's man watches porn or lusts after all women, even young girls or children, or who is a sex trafficker. Do you think it's fair for children to be born into that type of world? To a mother who was raped and forced to give birth to u? The women who advocate for sex work are very much like those step moms who try to be so cool and chill n let's the kids get away w things that the real mother would never bc she's trying to compete w the real mother for the children's love and attention and to place herself as more important than and above the real mother bc she is so threatened by the real mother. Like children, immature and undisciplined ppl who wanna do whatever they want, fall for this at their own demise. They fall for the perverted sex work advocacy agenda/campaign instead of aligning w the much more mature and disciplined consciousness which promotes sacred sexuality (NOT RELIGIOUS BRAINWASHING THAT ALSO KILLS SACRED SEXAUL ENERGY BC THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THEIR DESIRES AND TRY TO HIDE IT BC IT IS PERVERTED) which encourages strict celibacy (no self pleasure) or only sleeping w ONE man or woman who you are in a HOLY MATRIMONY w, BUT U CAN STILL BE UR SEXY SELF. So remember one of the ways ppl destroy u is by enabling or encouraging u to do things that are not good for u and that will inevitably destroy u in the long run.

N before I go further, as a sorta sidenote here, if you think it's not possible for a man to only sexually desire one woman for eternity you have never met a real man. N u have especially never met a real man in love. It's just that majority of men are so sexually perverted nowadays w no sexual discipline that they see a beautiful sexy woman and no longer know how to simply appreciate her beauty without desiring it or lusting after it or wanting to conquer it or destroy it or have it all for themselves or to not have vile thoughts of wanting to or acting on cheating on his wife. Tru beauty and sexiness can easily be appreciated without it stirring feelings of lust or sexual desire in men or women when men and women have sexual self control and discipline and have healed any and all wounds related to sexual trauma. I can assure u this is very possible. Just bc u have not achieved this level of consciousness yet does not mean it is impossible. Admiring a beautiful sexy man or woman WHO IS NOT YOUR MAN OR WOMAN TO CREATE W is no different than admiring the most beautiful views in nature that inspires deep sensual feelings. It inspires SENSUALITY. NOT LUST. But DEEP FEELINGS that inspire u to BE BETTER DO BETTER N TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL URSELF by being in the presence of such beauty. N the more that we have of this in the world, the more beautiful world we shall be.

Ok back to what I was saying. So sex work is trauma bond to sexual trauma. It keeps victims of sexual trauma stuck in their trauma and bc of how normalized sexual perversion is in the world, as I was saying before, even if a victim escapes, the healing process is hardly accessible in the mainstream status quo narrative bc perverted sex workers (as well as false healing doctrines via mental health and spiritual communities) have completely taken over the narrative. As I have explained in the past trauma bonds are a predator prey dynamic. Perverted sex work is a predator prey dynamic. Perverted sex work exploits sexual trauma n protects/enables sex traffickers/sex trafficking n female n male sexual predators. Sex workers not only put themselves at serious risk (unless they fully submit to the work n take the rape w zero complaints n become a predator themselves) but it also puts children at severe risk of becoming victims of sex trafficking or rape or pedophilia from a man who was groomed by perverted sex workers. If perverted sex work didn't exist, then children would never have been sold into sex slavery. Perverted sex work has one intention. To use sex to lure ppl away from what is wholesome and sacred and innocent sexuality. And where the Holiest is not, evil is. So where perverted sex work is, is where u find rape n pedophilia and sex trafficking. Perverted sex work lures ppl away from sexual discipline and severely blurs the lines of appropriate sexual boundaries n consciousness bc these lines are easily crossed w the right amount of $. Ppl get access 2u sexually bc they have $. But $ should never be a reason why someone gets to touch u bc the moment that becomes acceptable, the perverted mind starts seeing children and women as objects to buy control and sell. N so perverted sex work keeps an industry alive where perverts pedos n sex trafficking thrives. Where women and children are kidnapped raped and murdered every single day so that sex work can thrive. N u want to shame me for shaming this? Well I actually love women and children and men which means I will hate shame and judge anything that is destroying them. So you can shame me all u want. But we both know I am on the right side of judgement here.

Now let's talk more in depth about sacred sex work. As i mentioned before, it's not work. It's just a state of being. There is no $ exchange. There are no private rooms or one on ones w customers there's no private online access to her. Sacred sex work is simply a woman in her sexual power, a woman who embodies sacred sexuality which inspires n seduces ppl to GOODNESS TO WHOLESOMENESS TO SACREDNESS n simultaneously delivers instant justice n karma to those who LUST or dare touch her. Women who are naturally very beautiful n sexy but have very high standards n morals n pure hearts and who hate lustful attention from men who refuse to let anyone but her husband, or NO ONE for that matter, touch her. Those who are embodying sacred sexuality don’t even engage in self pleasure despite how high of a libido they operate on. N their sexuality is absolutely never for sale. Those who embody sacred sexuality use their alluring seductive nature to seduce ppl BACK to sexual self control and sexual discipline bc it holds ppl to a SACRED standard. BC ABSOLUTELY NO U CANNOT TOUCH ME NO MATTER HOW MUCH $ OR MATERIAL UR OFFERING AND IF U DARE THINK ABOUT ME IN A LUSTFUL SEXUAL WAY I WILL CURSE U n u will pay for it. Bc yes, consequences are necessary to teach the undisciplined very important lessons on how to behave appropriately as their actions are detrimental to the well being of the world, ESPECIALLY children. Those who embody sacred sexuality AND a very strong moral standard and sexual self control and discipline naturally raise the standards and make those who are operating far below these standards feel very ashamed and aware that they rly need to do better, as they should. Those who embody sacred sexual energy are so beautiful from the inside out and this is very intimidating bc it does make ppl instantly realize all the areas in their life where they are lacking and need to do better. Whereas if u notice perverted sex workers don't inspire men or women to do better at all. It rly does nothing to make them want to step their game up n it keeps them in a very low level of consciousness and quite stupid and easy to control n manipulate n take advantage of and to program them w demonic consciousness and to help evil create an ugly world.

Also sex workers who embody perverted sexuality are not only feeding the demons who create pedophilia n rape but they are also grooming these ppl to think that just bc a woman is exuding sexiness or dresses sexy that either she is a sex worker or she's asking for it or she's easy or she wants to be fucked n will think her word no means yes OR that she deserves it which causes men who are not very intelligent and can't think for themselves to embody a rapist mentality and to potentially even become a rapist as a result. This makes the world safe for sex workers who embody perverted sex n very unsafe for women who embody sacred sexuality n makes women who embody sacred sexual energy feel as tho they need to hide their sexiness and beauty or else they will get raped. bc they do, the most. sex workers who submit to the demons of lust rarely get raped bc they submit to the demons n just let them do whatever they want in exchange for $ or fame or clout. Oh the things swine will do for clout and $. N those who embody sacred sexuality n set boundaries n refuse to sell their sex n who say no are most likely to experience severe sexual trauma bc their sex cannot be bought. But for a woman to safely embody her sacred sexual energy in this world she must become extremely dangerous. She must also become a weapon. She must be aware that demons do not respect boundaries n be prepared to kill n destroy them or else she will be eaten alive. She must understand that sexual attention from men who are not her husband is a great disrespect to her and to be insulted and to shame those men or even women w just a look alone. N this is important that u understand how to harness that killer in u bc sacred sexual energy naturally LURES perverts pedophiles n rapists out of hiding n to their demise. It's kinda like how those pedophile hunters pretend to be children to bait pedos online. It is a lot like that. Women AND even men who embody sacred sexual energy quite literally destroy perverted sex work and energy, PROTECT AND HELP SAVE CHILDREN, and role model to other SEXY BEAUTIFUL women AND men w pure hearts how 2be SAFE N sexy n simultaneously ready to kill anyone who tries to hurt or defile them for it.

Furthermore, women who hate women are the strongest advocates for perverted sex work. These types of women are so envious of naturally sexy beautiful women w high standards and morals and who use their sexiness for the good. Women who truly love women are the ones who are working like hell to help those women escape perverted sex work so u can heal n be the embodiment of sacred sexuality as ur meant to be doing. It's a gift. It's a power. To be able to use ur sexual nature to inspire ppl towards the good and towards real beauty and how u can inspire men to PROTECT women and children AGAINST these male AND female sexual predators. Do you know how powerful that is? BUT U MUST EMBODY THE SACRED SEXUAL SELF DISCIPLINE to truly embody this power so PLEASE make sure u cleanse and purify and heal and sever ties w anyone who perverts ur sacred sexual nature or makes u feel ashamed or tries to associate u w perverted sex workers or who lusts after u or makes u feel like u can't be fully in this power bc they are envious and jealous bc it makes them feel so insecure.

The women who are the strongest advocates for perverted sex work are the same women in sex trafficking rings who will sell out other women who are trying to escape bc they deep down like the $ n attention n don't want the operation to go down n also bc they want to get on the good side of the sex traffickers. They want to be promoted n rise above being a victim of sex trafficking to being an accomplice. Quick side note here: u know how some ppl say "stop playing the victim" well a lot of times it's these types of women who "stop being victims" bc they become the predators of other innocents. Most often these women go on to luring victims into this industry in many various ways bc women are most often seen as safe and are more unsuspecting which HELPS n protects rapists n pedophiles n sex traffickers. The MADAM(s). They get special privileges n more $ n more respect from the male sex traffickers, rapists and pedos. Bc they have become female sexual predators.

So yes those who embody sacred sexuality are better than the perverted sex workers. Bc of all the things mentioned above. Bc the consequences of perverted sex work creates rapists and pedophiles and makes it unsafe for those of us men and women who are born naturally sexy and beautiful to exist in this energy so we can use it to inspire a more beautiful and more creative and more wholesome and more sacred and more advanced safer and healthier world. Pls never forget that men and women who embody sacred sexuality shine a very bright light on what’s ugly and this makes ppl who are very insecure want to destroy u makes them hate u. That's not ur problem. but be aware of it.

conclusion //

To wrap this up, sacred sexuality has been around for thousands of years longer than perverted sex work and our vibes have been appropriated by perverted sex workers bc of its power that they want to use for $ and clout which inspires ppl towards evil. As a result of them appropriating n siphoning n perverting our sacred sexual energy for years if you dress sexy ppl will assume u must be like them. But this is quite literally the mentality of rapists who assume bc u dress sexy u must want to get fucked. When neither are inherently true. They could be but the energy tells the real truth behind the physical. To assume that a woman who dresses sexy wants to be a sex worker or is a sex worker or are looking to get fucked is a way that envious women and men try to shame women who embody sacred sexual energy from feeling confident in their power bc sacred sexuality exposes and destroys perverted sex work. This is where u truly have to get urself to the place of I don't give a fuck what they think about me or who I am mentality bc bitch, IM GONNA BE MY SEXY SELF N SHINE.

So pls, raise those morals n standards, be willing to see the truth. Go within and get seriously disciplined. Leave no stone unturned. Sever all ties w lustful energies. So that u can move like the ecstasy of sacred water. Not like the lust of a snake.




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