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evil vs holy

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How do u destroy babylon? by destroying the evil spiritual beliefs that uphold it.

To understand spirituality u need to understand that there is evil spirituality (which is incomplete n the inverted yin + yang) n holy spirituality (which is wholesome, the og tru yin + yang). Think of it like baking bread. There are rules to baking bread. N if u take it out the oven before its ready it's not going to taste very good at all. Evil spirituality lacks structure rules n discipline n a precise order of operations which is why the baker took the bread out and ate it before it was done bc they just couldn't wait. But for bread to be enjoyed at its maximum potential u gotta be patient and let it cook. Cooking bread has rules. Holy spirituality has rules. Evil spirituality was created by Lucifer bc he was too impatient w getting a wife and wanted one before he or his wife were ready, before they were both cooked lol. N such, Lilith started to be created by his self serving desires. Which is the inverted evil feminine energy.

Now before I go deeper, it is crucial that u understand how relevant logic plays in the tru yin + yang, in discernment, and in balance and order and justice and peace and harmony. Without a strong comprehension of logic u cannot know truth n this renders ur intuition and spiritual practice and religion ungrounded and incorrect. U also can't clearly communicate or build a solid foundation of trust w others without logic. For ur intuition to be correct, it must be logical. Logic IS truth. Logic is VALIDITY. Intuition without logic is FANTASY. FALLACY. It is delusion. It is the root of evil spirituality.

The tru yin + yang is very logical. Yes even the yin side. Bc she works in congruence to her YANG who is structure and order. So she completely submits to his logic which makes her yin side (her intuitive side) complete and VALID and very logical. N just like the yin is very logical n structured n orderly n strict bc she submits to her yang to receive his vibe, the yang is very soft n gentle n nurturing n emotional n wild n free bc he submits to his yin to receive her vibe. Pls click here to listen to this about the TRU yin + yang. Bc of this she is devoid of chaos but the inverted yin tries to portray her as very chaotic as if freedom n chaos are synonymous. But for freedom to be tru freedom and not inverted freedom it must be protected by structure and order and strictness. The tru yin uses her freedom to protect peace and destroy chaos bc chaos destroys peace. Bc she destroys chaos to protect peace this may give the illusion of her appearing chaotic, but only to the untrained eye. When u battle monsters ppl who can't see won't know who is who amidst the chaos that the inverted yin creates. The inverted yin, the false mother, the inverted goddess tries to use this to her advantage to play victim to the tru yin, the truth mother, the tru goddess since she will inevitably be destroyed by the tru mother and is trying to guilt trip ppl into feeling sorry for her sentencing as if the tru mother is evil, when in fact the inverted yin is the evil one. But tru holiness has no option but to destroy evil or else the evil spirits and spirituality that built babylon will continue to prevail and innocents will continue to be raped and pillaged.

Knowing there are these two opposing (OPPS/ENEMIES) forces in this spiritual war helps u to better understand what rules n laws are absolutely crucial for u to follow and which ones are there to control u to turn u against holy will so u cannot be a holy sovereign, n so u submit to evil's will/prophecy/spirituality. This is why the saying goes one of the devil's greatest tricks is convincing ppl he/she is not real and that is bc without being very aware of how real he/she is and what he/she creates n how to SEE him/her n what their will n agenda is vs what the holiest creates n what is holy will n who is serving that and who is of the HOLY SPIRIT, then u will not know what rules to follow perfectly (natural laws that all the animals n planets and all of life follow which i am outlining in the laws of ma'at) n what rules to never follow. The rules created by the evil spirits ARE illogical and are at the root a power trip and form of inverted control and inverted holy discipline. Inverted holy discipline and illogical rules were created to try and tame/disempower/control the children of the holiest like the way a circus freak will whip and beat on elephants and lions to get them to submit all so they can exploit them for $, not bc disciplining them protects them n helps them be more confident and safe and successful in the world but bc the circus freaks want profit off them as entertainment for babylon. But the rules of the Holiest are very logical and are for the greater good of HOLY creation and are always there to not only protect u but others like u. So the discipline from the Holiest is strict n requires absolutely never ending humility n personal accountability to be able to abide by those rules but is there to inevitably help u EARN more freedom, where ur SAFE in that freedom, NOT TO ENSLAVE u. Whereas the inverted rules and discipline are there to inevitably trick u into enslavement, an enslavement that gives the ILLUSION of safety but takes away ur freedom. You see the difference? Not abiding by rules that are symbiotic is not only selfish but is self sabotage. Abiding by rules that only serve the ones inflicting the rules (parasitic) is selfish and a form of self sabotage. But there are two types of ppl who abide by these rules. Those that are terrified of the punishment for not abiding by them. And those who abide by them bc they want power and fame and riches in babylon in the demonic hierarchy which requires alignment w evil spirituality. Make no mistake tho, the person who abides by the rules of the evil spirituality out of fear of punishment is still very dangerous. That fear of punishment is spiritual weakness. It's like knowing someone is being wrongfully accused and u KNOW this, u know they are innocent n u hold a truth that by u speaking up could potentially help them but u refuse to open ur mouth and speak up out of fear of what will happen to you. It is extremely selfish and it is evil bc this type of silence protects evil. And these ppl will be judged as accomplices to the evil regime.

The Holiest is not easy to earn trust and prove urself loyal. The holiest has an extremely high standard that only a truly pure golden heart can access. Holy spirituality is NOT religion but comes w many rules n many tests before u can earn that trust to even be granted certain responsibilities and to have access to certain power and truth n magic to ensure u will not abuse it the way Lilith and Lucifer do. Discipline is a must. N THIS TAKES TIME n practice. Inverted discipline will not be tolerated. Honesty n humility to the authority that the Holiest is, is a must. Submission to Lilith and Lucifer will not be tolerated. If u refuse to follow the rules that the Holiest has in place to ensure peace and harmony and order and balance and justice can prevail, u will NOT have the trust or favor of the Holiest. Never forget, Lucifer was exiled from Paradise for refusing to follow the rules. If paradise is what u seek, u cannot be anti symbiotic rules n u need to have personal accountability to follow the Holiest's rules as they are clearly laid out. If chaos and hell is what u seek then the devil is who ur looking for. Don't say I didn't warn u tho. Bc if u choose to submit to evil spirituality then ur family is now rapists n murderers and pedophiles n genocidal psychopaths. When u make the choice to follow the Holiest's orders n rules bc it's the Holiest's HOUSE N CERTAIN SHIT WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED, then u become family to the most intelligent most beautiful respectful strong beings that will ever exist in eternity.

Now pls pay attention closely to this next part bc this is important. Having rules doesn't mean having a religion. In fact abiding by the Holiest's rules requires u DO NOT have a religion/spirituality that is shared w OTHERS. In fact one more law has just been added to the Laws of Ma'at: Law 56 // I have not created a religion. Bc shared religions/spirituality technically are AGAINST the rules of the Holiest. Shared religions/spirituality are breeding grounds for CULTs and if ur in a cult u will abide by the CULT leader instead of the HOLIEST who is the ULTIMATE BOSS n needs to be ur ULTIMATE AUTHORITY for u to truly be a wholseome holy sovereign. Ur relationship w the Holiest is supposed to be UNIQUE and so u must follow no one else's religion or spiritual practices or allow anyone to follow ur religion or spiritual practices in order for everyone to grow to become their BEST selves. Following someone else's religion or spirituality inevitably gives Lilith and Lucifer power and control over u whether u realize it or not (since they are the ones who created all religions and spiritualities that u see practiced in groups all over the world today as a means to divide n conquer and better control ppl). Whereas when u form ur own religion/spirituality, that no one else is allowed to join, then this path will allow u to build ur own unique relationship w the Holiest AT THE PACE AND TIMING THAT IS SYMBIOTIC FOR EVERYONE and is custom to YOU which is necessary for YOU to truly know who the Holiest actually is and to know what the rules of the Holiest are to ensure ur submitting to the correct rules and laws of the universe. It is the only way u will have tru spiritual discernment. Also it is important to understand that some things that are unique to ur own personal private one person religion are safe for u to be practicing bc u were initiated in ur own private practice bc YOU are ready to implement that into ur practice. But others have not yet been initiated and by sharing w them certain practices that u do bc it is now safe for u to do that, u can put others at risk who are not there yet and they do not realize that they are not there yet n need to walk the path to get there at their own pace n discover certain things on their own time. I used to think that sharing w others certain aspects of my practice was helping them but in fact it was not n i was gracefully humbled by the Holiest. Bc it was not helping them or me.

Listen the only thing that is truly hard about following a genuine holy/wholesome spiritual n one of a kind custom religion curated for u n only u is that it requires u to follow no one n to be authentic n to think for urself. But this is the only way u can truly discover who u actually are. This path requires to u to be strong in ur knowledge of self and to not be swept away by peer pressure or group think or communities or cult mentalities. It requires u to be solid standing alone. N u know how weak women and men will abandon a connection w someone who has strong morals and rules and boundaries n stands on business to go be w someone who is weak and doesn't have strong morals or any rules or any boundaries or someone they can easily manipulate to their will? It's the same w spirituality. Standing on ur own w no one validating what u do or how u do it or joining u in it, as religions n spiritual communities do, is not as easy as u may think it is.

To sum up the concept of how to better discern wholesome symbiotic rules vs inverted rules, I want to leave u w an example to help u better ground all this into reality. Let's say u have a dog and u want to take ur dog to the park. Even tho ur dog listens and will not leave ur side u still put ur dog on a leash bc that is the rule at the park. U understand why it's a rule and despite ur dog being trained u don't want to be a bad role model and encourage others who don't have trained dogs to have their dogs off leash. Nor do u want to scare anyone who has no way of being certain ur dog is absolutely obedient off leash. Especially bc there are children playing at the park and u want those babies to have fun and feel safe and having dogs off leash (even if they are perfectly obedient) can put those children at risk. But then let's say someone comes along n decides not to obey those rules and has their untrained dog off the leash and that dog comes running up to ur dog and starts a fight. Is ur dog at fault for defending themselves and u? Of course not. The dog who ran up on u both, it's not even their fault. It's the fault of the one who was in charge of watching them. The dog should have been on a leash. No matter how big or small or how friendly. But the owner didn't want to follow the rules of the park that keep everyone safe. The owner of the unleashed dog, being the type to not want to follow logical rules, likely has no personal accountability and as a result will blame u bc ur dog defended themselves and accuses ur dog of being crazy and claims their dog is friendly and only wanted to play. N maybe the dog is friendly and only wanted to play. But the owner lacks discipline n boundaries n so does the dog. N that is a red flag, even if ur truly friendly and just want to play. This is how ppl who align w a rule less or inverted rule spirituality think and operate. They are not safe ppl even tho most of them perceive themselves to be so. They put everyone at risk, not bc of malicious intent, necessarily (altho for some it definitely is), but bc of negligence. But bc they perceive themselves at no fault, and as the victims, will continue to keep their dog off leash even tho it's risking their dogs life and other dogs' lives and now forcing u to leave so as not to put ur dogs life at risk. Bc of their self centered mentality now that dog is running up on children playing and scaring them but they see it as harmless. Now the children have to leave. Mothers and fathers drive up to have their children play but they see a dog off leash and decide it's not safe and have to leave. All bc one person refused to follow the rules that would have made it safe and orderly and fun for everyone. That selfish person who refuses to follow the logical rules has essentially taken over the entire park wreaking havoc and chaos everywhere and making it a disharmonious and peaceful place for everyone to coexist in.

So ask urself which person are u?



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