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Holding others accountable or someone holding u accountable that is ur supposed equal is a big massive glaring red flag. It means ur not equals n ur not aligned. N this can go either way. Either ur not aware this is unhealthy relationship dynamics or the person holding u accountable is trying to control u bc they are technically below u but want to remain above u. Unless who ur holding accountable is ur child(ren) or pets or younger siblings (which that is tricky bc technically it is not older siblings responsibility to hold younger sibs accountable but when parents aren't doing it older siblings will naturally do so but i will touch on this later), this is likely going to be ur first warning that this person cannot be in ur presence. Now setting boundaries is a necessary thing and something u need to do across all relationship dynamics, no matter the hierarchy. Bc setting boundaries in fact helps to determine alignment and also to ensure u can grow n thrive. N it also helps us all to recognize if ur boundaries are rooted in altruism or narcissism (n i will touch more on that later). But setting boundaries and holding someone accountable are not the same thing. And the only reason u should be needing to hold someone accountable is bc they crossed ur boundaries. Ppl who are ur equals do not do this IF u have established those boundaries. Which is NOT the same thing as someone crossing ur boundaries unknowingly bc u didn't express ur needs. Sure, when we are on point, and in our absolute most intelligent empathic states we will likely feel ur boundaries without u even expressing them thru telepathic means. But that is not always possible amidst this insanity of a spiritual war so being able to speak up about ur needs and boundaries clearly is going to better help u discern who is ur equal and someone u do not ever have to hold accountable vs someone who has to go. N someone not establishing boundaries w u needs to also be seen as a red flag bc either they are doing it bc they do not yet know how to communicate their needs and need to spend time alone getting to know themselves and heal to figure that out, OR they are not establishing certain boundaries w u in the beginning as a luring tactic to get u to attach to them before u realize that their boundaries are rooted in narcissism which means they are there to emotionally manipulate u to their will.

Now sometimes (most of the time) we form relationships w others before we are aware of our needs and our morals and standards and boundaries and then we become aware and ppl we thought we were aligned w for years we suddenly become aware we were in fact never aligned w at all. So then u need to go thru the process of cutting ppl out of ur life so that u can grow and get into the energetic space w others who are on ur same level and both of u embody personal accountability and understand the Holiest is the ultimate authority n no one is ever feeling the need to hold the other one accountable n ur also not outgrowing each other either. As in these relationships are eternal. Tru family. N so before u allow ppl into ur life, u need to observe how they behave what their morals are, the company they keep, what their beliefs are and if u don't like it n whatever they are doing is going to bring energy that u have already conquered and is beneath u, u cannot consider them in ur life. U don't tolerate it bc u think "none of us are perfect" n eventually they will outgrow it on their own bc u assume they are on a healing journey too just like u (which I am very guilty of having fallen for this trap) nor do u try to hold them accountable to change them. U simply observe, recognize the misalignment and have foresight to see what would happen to ur life if u allowed that energy u have already conquered into it, then deny access and keep it moving.

Now when it comes to ur parents it is never ever ok for u to be more advanced than them emotionally or mentally. U should never be holding them accountable. It is their role to hold u accountable not to THEM necessarily but to the HOLIEST, as in the HOLY STANDARDS N MORALS that are rooted in SYMBIOSIS N ALTRUISM so we can have HEALTHY COMMUNITIES THAT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOLERATE ABUSE OR CORRUPTION N RESPECT THE HOLY HIERARCHY. But most parents do not operate this way which is why I am so vocal about ppl NOT having children until they are mature enuf emotionally mentally AND spiritually to be able to do so. Bc parents are supposed to always be ahead of u. UR NEVER SUPPOSED TO GROW AHEAD OF THEM BUT MOST HUMANS ARE IN A TIME CYCLE OF DEGRADATION AND DEVOLUTION INSTEAD OF EVOLUTION which is why this rarely happens. N so, we know this is not the reality for the majority and this is in fact why so many parents resent their children n then hate themselves for resenting their children and tweak tf out on them. Bc they were nowhere near ready or grown to have children to be able to keep up w their own children's growth, bc they don't even know how to EVOLVE instead of devolve themselves. I truly believe most ppl regret having children but are so ashamed to admit this out loud but anyways that's a whole other topic for another day. Anyways bc most human parents are in the time cycle of devolution and degradation, this then creates a normalcy of very understandable behavior where children are holding their parents accountable. But this is a survival tactic that is crucial when in this dynamic but is absolutely not ok in healthy relationships w those who are supposed to be ur equal or above u. However, escaping this relationship w ur parents is the only way to officially break free from these behaviors and is also what is going to determine if u end up on the time cycle of evolution or stay stuck in the same cursed time cycle they are in of devolution where u carry those unhealthy dynamics into every relationship in ur life. I talk more in depth about some of these concepts in my sermon Healing for the Holy.

Listen, I never hold the Holiest (my HOLY MOTHER AND HOLY FATHER) accountable. But the Holiest holds me accountable BC THE HOLIEST IS ETERNALLY ABOVE ME AND MY AUTHORITY FIGURES and embodies personal accountability so when they are not able to get thru to me the way I need, they go back to the drawing board n figure it out bc they know I am their responsibility n they do not put certain responsibilities on me bc they naturally respect boundaries and healthy power dynamics w them being the authority over me n me being their eternal child that they are responsible for raising. They do NOT expect me to do what is THEIR responsibility as MY CREATORS. And bc they embody personal accountability they role model n pass along this same quality to me, for me to embody for my children. But they ALWAYS are growing faster than me and they always remain above me which means I always have them to guide me and someone who I can go to who knows more than me and can help me in times of need. But when it comes to someone who wants to be my friend or a romantic interest, which are relationship dynamics that entail equality, I can only allow those who are on my same level of personal accountability, who know how to set boundaries and communicate, and who we are aligned w energetically as far as our behavior and morals and standards n beliefs n visions for the future go. And neither of us is trying to hold the other one accountable. So, for example, altho there was a time I used to drink, I would no longer be aligned w someone who drinks. I am not aligned w someone who cheats, someone who has friends that cheat, someone who lies or deceives others or who is aligned w someone who lies or deceives others, etc etc etc. I could keep going but these are just examples so u catch my drift.

Now to sum this up, I want u to be very careful about allowing ppl in ur life who try to hold u accountable. This can even go for parents as well IF ur more advanced than ur parents on a moral level. It's like that energy of "we are just concerned about u" but it's absolutely not a genuine concern at all and is a manipulation tactic to try n get in ur head and make it seem ur off track or doing something wrong or are crazy to make u doubt ur decisions so they can remain above u, but it's all them projecting onto u. KNOW URSELF so they cannot get in ur head. And listen, some ppl don't do this w malicious intent. Some are just not yet aware this is unhealthy n are still stuck in those same survival tactics I described above where as children they needed to do this w parents who were putting them in danger. And some are just stuck in group think. But malicious intent or not, u need to treat it like a red flag. Bc if u allow this, u can become victim to ppl who use "accountability" as a means to place themselves above u so they can control u and feed off of u by keeping u below them bc they are literal parasites that cannot grow unless they latch onto u which requires that u stay below them and never realize u are above them or grow above them so they always have u as a host. This will not only block ur growth but will cause u to devolve. Bc those who are possessed or who are heavily aligned w evil spirits are parasitic in nature, altho they will necessarily act as tho the are not so that they can trick u into becoming their host. I talk more in depth about this in the sermon I just released today, PSA to Everyone. N then on the flip, remember that if ur feeling like u need to hold someone (friend or romantic interest) accountable, don't and instead just accept that ur not aligned and let it go.

Hope this helps. Bye.



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