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[ intermission ]

comprehension can only take you so far the question is do your cells comprehend what about the teeniest cells? yes well it is imperative that we get them all on the same page and heading in the same direction otherwise you're just gonna be a lunatic and  tics come from the moon. Anyways. parasites. When you see sand falling from the sky you will have a  better idea of what is going on.




uhhh wtf are they talking about my dimension? are they trying to look in my pocket for the dimension I put in there? LMFAO good luck with that they don't have the eyes that allow them to see anything that matters.


i don't hate humans as much as i hate the demons who created them. the ones who pretend to be my mother and my father.

the ones who pretend to be me n my husband.

humans didn't get a choice. but, now they do have a choice. let's see.

will they break the curse plaguing the lineage of humanity? or will they follow in the footsteps of their mother and father, lilith n lucifer. 

are u a generational curse breaker? u will have to sever all ties w the false family. u got what it takes?

but it is really important to rinse out your eyes at least three times daily. a nice pure clean clear water flush. you need your eyes, especially your spiritual ones sharp and on point. the way you take care of your physical eyes will determine the health of your spiritual eyes. or i mean the other way around. or both. back and forth. sine wavin it.

not even trying only untying the roots of the ancient tree swoosh the underground wind is carrying your doubts away never to be seen or heard from again BUT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KILL THE DOUBTS U CREATED now the fruits and flowers can blossom the roots have a home full of life that was never meant to die the death that lasts eternally which is not the same as the death that makes room for more life you really need to understand the seed that lives inside the womb they are scared of the dark, scared of the birth, scared of experiencing life for fear of facing death but if you know how to kill death then what is there to be afraid of. but, I get it. be who you are. 

the hand on the fibonacci clock keeps on

 can you keep up or are you going to give up and let death consume you? 

anyways while you are thinking about it let's go jump into that waterfall and see what happens maybe that will help you take your decision or perhaps the decision will be made for you at the moment you land, or die. oh what's that? you don't want to? ah ok, because you want to live. and which part of u wants to live? have a good day.

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