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• chapter ii  

( the farm )

when I started traveling across the country I really wasn't sure where I was going or where I would end up or what I was even doing. but I can assure you I wouldn't have started this unless I felt more certain than not that I would find my way bc I knew this was exactly what I was meant to be doing. does this mean I thought it was gonna be easy? ahahhahahhaahhahahahahahah MY LIFE? never has it been easy. why would that change now? my life is filled with challenges and is never dull or boring. I don't even know what boredom is. anyways, I had this idea that perhaps learning some farming skills might be important. I still wasn't deep enuf in my fasting practice to know better that they really aren't that important and there is no such thing as sustainable farming but what I gained from this experience was even deeper faith in myself and the holy creator. despite the unfortunate circumstances of the perverted farmer I was blessed with so much abundance and protection it was unreal. the way it all came together so perfectly. as it always does. just gotta push through the bs. and clean up whatever trash enters my lane along the way. and then turn it all into gold bc I am golden. 

so much of what u see here is so far away from my reality now. makes me feel really grateful and proud of myself bc I know how hard I had to work to emancipate myself so I could grow. one thing about me, standing in the way of my health or my growth or my peace of mind or my destiny or whatever my heart aka the holy creator is telling me to do is definitely not something I recommend. 

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