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• chapter i  

( escaping babylon )

i started my journey in the mothership traveling across the country with no idea exactly where I was going to go once I got started except a very deep knowing that I needed to leave and I had to listen to my internal guidance, no gps, no recommendations from others, just follow my heart and it would lead me to more pieces of my missing soul, more of me, more of my truth, closer to the return of paradise on these sacred lands that were defiled by evil thousands and thousands of years ago. was I scared? not really. I was more sad but also really excited more than scared. I didn't really know what to expect so I didn't even have knowledge of any fears that were lying dormant in me. 

this is not van life. I am not a van lifer. I don't desire to be like those ppl. nor do I seek their community bc being a van lifer is not my purposeI am on a mission. and need to be on the move. I need to live as close to the earth as possible. rest and get off the road when I am called. leave when I am called. as simply as possibly. as detached from babylon and all its vile systems as possible. with as little distractions as possible to stay focused and healthy and unpredictable because they are hunting me. don't worry, I am hunting them too. Lol. come on now. every weapon they use on me I just use right back on them. isn't it obvious? this is how I revert the inversion :)

when I tell u I know what I am doing, it means I know what I am doing. doubt me and I will bulldoze u out of my lane. believe in me and u will be embraced by me with open arms.

this is the life of me, Sekhmet. some call me Sek. and I like that. welcome to my world. welcome to my journey

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