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builder & stone

 this service is for those who are on the good side of this war and are chosen to help us chosen ones w ur resources. it is time to join forces. this is a mutually beneficial business partnership that is symbiotic in nature. only reach out if ur heart is telling u to do so and we are on good terms and ur not my enemy and ur not associating w any of my enemies. this 


Ways I can help u as a consultant:

problem solving, hiring, firing, communications, organization, delegation, power dynamics, trust w team members, decision making, collaborations, moral, ethics, leadership, simplifying your daily routine, eliminating distractions, strategy, protection, discernment, boundaries, roles, website, presentations, aesthetics, inspiration, support, helping u build a solid team, health of urself & business & team because the healthier you all are the healthier is ur passion and ur business and ur entire life and all of those whom u serve w what ur offering to the world


This service is very practical as I will be here to ensure your physical orientation is headed in the direction that is for the greater good of all of holy creation. As this will offer you the most solid foundation for you and your gifts and the ripple effects of you and your work will flourish. My gifts allow me to make sure the way you are working with your business and money and clients is of the highest moral and ethical values improving not only your quality of life but also the quality of life to those closest to you and who you serve. Which inevitably sends ripple effects of health and growth for us all. The ultimate goal is for us to build a long lasting business partnership that becomes mutually beneficial for us and for all of holy creation, leading us to the resurrection of a civilized mature healthy moral and harmonious world for us all. 


Our first conversation(s) will be complimentary for us to both make sure we are on the same page, headed in the same direction, of like mind morals values and solid work ethic and are consistent grounded and harmonious with one another, and that what I can offer will certainly be of benefit to you and that what you are offering is of sincere benefit to us all and that my skills and competency can help you succeed. 


For more information or to schedule your first call with me, please contact the Mothership at:

Builder & stone is more than just a consulting service. We are the builders and the stones of paradise. 






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