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lil bit bout me + THE INTENTION AND INSPIRATION FOR THE MOTHERSHIP PROJECT u better understand who I am, how I operate, my morals values n ethics and why I do what I do and what this mission is all about, so u know what ur aligning with. That is very important to me. That you are fully aware of exactly what ur aligning w. That the right ppl w the right vibes are on board the Mothership. After all, paradise wouldn't be paradise if evil existed in it. Which is why I welcome sincere questions so u know that while I am very private, I am also very transparent. Bc it is very important to me to always know what energy I am aligning w and I cannot stand deceitful vibes that try to hide impure intentions out of maliciousness or will to control or trying to sneak access to me bc they know I will set boundaries w them if I knew the truth of their intentions and they don't want boundariesAnd so I absolutely reciprocate this bc I will certainly want the same space n grace to ask questions and get the clarity I need to know that ur intentions and mine are certainly aligned and we are headed in the same direction. And I've found that those who get triggered by being asked questions for clarity absolutely do not have pure intentions.


Pls read further and thank you for taking the time to read all of this. I look forward to working w those of u who are feeling truly called! 

THE MOTHERSHIP IS MY SANCTUARY. She is the safest most beautiful most comfortable home I've ever known. While many would not feel safe to live on the road. I do not feel safe staying in one spot for too long. Bc I speak up (not just for me but also for others who may have had their voice STOLEN as a means to help them get it back) against abuse n deception n corruption n when things don't add up and this upsets a lot of ppl who want power but don't have the integrity or the moral code of nature n symbiosis to have that power. And so my entire life, ppl target me as a scapegoat. N then they get obsessed. They start stalking me. And at a certain point these ppl want to hurt me very badly when they can't get what they want from me or they can't destroy me w their insane manipulative mind games n just weirdo ass behavior. And when that happens, those spaces places and ppl are no longer safe for me. Which means I need to leave. But having my home on wheels makes it way easier to do so. The moment issues arise and the ppl creating the issues w me refuse to work together harmoniously n SINCERELY for conflict resolution (which I am so happy to do so) and which means none of that fake apology ass bullshit, I have no choice but to leave bc that means they refuse to take responsibility for creating disharmony and disturbing the peace of innocents. And as long as ppl refuse to have the humility to acknowledge where they did something wrong, they are not safe ppl. I know this is absolutely the reality of many others. To no fault of their own. N this reality does result in homelessness and poverty for so many n it's BULLSHIT. I am very intuitive and I have very sharp animal like instincts (which is constantly being gaslit by ppl who can't yet see or who are trying to make me doubt what I see bc I'm seeing right fucking thru them) and the moment I feel me or my dog or The Mothership are not safe, I need to book it, I need to be ready. As the saying goes, "get ready, stay ready"... Well, The Mothership allows me to always stay ready. Like an animal in the wild. 

The Mothership journey has helped me better understand how to construct a Mothership sanctuary for the other pure hearted scapegoats, THE REAL OG's of the world. Those of us who don't fit in bc we hate abuse corruption lies trauma and immoral fake ass vibes and we refuse to submit to group think or corrupt leaders or ppl who abuse their power and seek to exploit the most vulnerable or those who are vulnerable for $ or fame or power.

The proposal has already been written. The Laws of Ma'at have already been written. I am SO ready to join forces. The first step tho is building a relationship. Before committing. This is what Builder & Stone consulting services is for. I am also open to other ways of collaborating where we can try to see how we work together and to make sure we know how to work together harmoniously and maturely and should conflict arise, we know how to have healthy conflict resolution and grow from it and become closer and stronger TOGETHER. This is key. 


No matter how much profit or donations or $$$ I receive from any of these streams of income, I will continue to live my simple humble nomadic life on the road "homeless" in the Mothership to ensure that I can stay as close to the mission n needs of the ppl n nature as possible and only using a SMALL amount of the $ I receive n ONLY what I NEED and what the HOLIEST gives me permission to spend the $ on to ensure me the bear (my dog) n the mothership have our basic needs met and we are healthy and thriving so I can give my best self and energy and focus and time and motivation and magic and creativity to this project. But the rest goes ALL TO THE MOTHERSHIP PROJECT. I take this very seriously bc I did not ever feel truly comfortable charging $ for anything I offer or do or create until I received the BLUEPRINT from the Holiest for how to bring this to life. Until I had a reason to need a substantial amount of $. Once I received the vision and saw it was FOR REAL and grounded and logical, which means VERY POSSIBLE, then I knew I needed to start finding ways to create as many streams of income as possible bc this project is going to be built ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD. And I will make SURE that EVERYONE I hire is compensated their WORTH and according to exactly how much EFFORT they put in. I will not even begin hiring until I have the sufficient funds to pay everyone accordingly as I want to make sure the PUREST and most beautiful energy is poured into every crack and crevice. I never want the ppl working for me to feel underpaid or taken advantage of or slighted. My "employees" will not be "employees" to me. I NEED to be able to take care of them like FAMILY. They are investing in helping me bring my dreams to life and so I will be sure to hire those who I am so happy to invest in to help them also bring THEIR dreams to life. MUTUALLY SYMBIOTICALLY COLLABORATIVELY BENEFICIAL. The ppl I hire will be part of this REAL COMMUNITY. THE RESURRECTION OF PARADISE ON EARTH. THE BEST OF THE ROYAL BEST. THE REAL HELPERS OF THE WORLD. THE ONES WHO GO ABOVE N BEYOND AND ARE SO PASSIONATE TO GIVE THEIR BEST AND TO LEARN NEW SKILLS AND ARE SO GRATEFUL TO BE PART OF THIS PROJECT n SO I WILL OF COURSE RECIPROCATE HOW MUCH THEY GIVE. The holiest won't even allow me to hire the takers, the competitive ones, the envious, the jealous, the ones who try to sabotage others' and scapegoat them bc they fear someone else "outshining" them. THERE IS MORE THAN ENUF ROOM FOR EVERYONE TO SHINE IN THE MOTHERSHIP PROJECT. And while it may appear as tho others are doing similar things as I am, I can assure you they are not. Bc the one thing I have that no one else has are the Laws of Ma'at which are the FOUNDATION of each of these temples. This is what creates each of these projects to become a portal for Paradise to be resurrected. Without these Laws, evil is sure to seep in and that leads to corruption. Which I will NOT tolerate on any level. 

And for full transparency, to all donors and anyone who supports me on this mission to bring this dream to life, I do not spend any $ unless I am given permission by the Holiest to spend $. Whatever $ I receive, I pray to the HOLIEST ONLY for the 369 holy order of operations of where that $ is to go. And what the Holiest wants me to prioritize. As the Holiest has made it crystal clear that I am NEVER to give $ to those who serve evil. Or to give $ to those who may be pure of heart but who may give that $ to those that serve evil. 

First order of operations is to buy LAND. I am carefully scouting out all areas in my travels to see where I would like the first project to be built. I will live on that land in the Mothership and start building and w the sufficient funds hiring a team to help me. Once that project is done being built, I will travel to the next location and buy more land and do this until these projects are up and running and self governing all over the world. Healing communities WORLD WIDE. I say all this w full disclosure so u have a better idea of what ur investing in. So u don't worry that I will be using funds or donations to lavish myself w bullshit luxuries like the religious n spiritual frauds of the world do who PRETEND to be preaching a holy word but obviously their actions reflect otherwise. Bc they DO NOT use their $ to help END poverty. Which is what I am absolutely doing.    


I am more than content w a simple humble life. I don't need ppl to "see" me as a deity draped in the finest of linens and all that bullshit. Bc that is NOT what a deity is anymore. At one point, before EVIL STOLE ALL THE RICHES AND GOLD AND BEAUTIFUL HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL AND HOARDED IT LIKE THE PSYCHOS THEY ARE, yes at that time deities were draped in the best of the best. BUT SO WAS EVERYONE. WE WERE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL AND ALL OF US ROYALTY AND SUPERFLY AND SO FRESH N SO CLEAN CLEAN. But then the evil forces invaded n paradise got defiled, ravaged, raped, pillaged, n all the highest quality was STOLEN from us royal holy ones and given to those who serve evil and anyone who refused to serve evil got stripped of everything and locked away. This is the original curse that started poverty in the first place. And so. I want NOTHING to do w their psychotic ways of being. Their worship CULTure where they use the holy word to TRICK ppl into worshipping them to give them all their $ so they can then be rich and look down on anyone who REFUSES to exploit the HOLY WORD for personal profit. I just like my peace n my simple humble life on the road away from the insanity to be in nature like I am now snuggled in the desert mountains writing this w no bullshit distractions to focus on doing the simple little things I love to do which is actually quite massive, TO RESURRECT PARADISE. 


And so, I hope this helps u better see who is who. And to discern those PRETENDING TO BE DEITIES OR PRIESTESSES OR ROYALTY of the holiest but are actually serving EVIL and NOT HOLY ROYALTY AT ALL. Anyways, evil and I have some extremely ancient unfinished business and so while part of my mission is to resurrect Paradise, the other part is to absolutely destroy evil. So that once Paradise is resurrected they can't destroy it all over again. OH. And I will do both. BUT I CANNOT DO IT ALONE. SO IF U TRULY SINCERELY BELIEVE IN ME N MY MISSION AND FEEL CALLED TO BE PART OF IT THEN HOP ON BOARD THE MOTHERSHIP CUZ WE GOT SO MUCH WORK TO DO N I AM SO EXCITED TO WORK SIDE BY SIDE W U TO GET IT DONE. And if ur feeling uncertain about any of this, about me, about my mission, about your participation, about my integrity or my sincerity the purity of my heart and intentions, if ur unsure about supporting me, I ask that u simply pray about it to the Holiest. Ask for confirmations that I am who I say I am and that I am truly serving HOLINESS AND HOLY CREATION. I ask for confirmations and logical proof from the Holiest all the time to make sure it is absolutely the Holiest speaking to me. Bc if it is not GROUNDED n rooted in reality, it is NOT LOGICAL and if it is not logical it is NOT truth, it is NOT coming from the Holiest. Evil seeks to deceive. I have nothing to hide. But I want u to know that clearly before investing in me otherwise ur doubts will cause u to create conflict and so I'd rather be patient and have ppl work w me once they know themselves I am certainly trustworthy and safe and no one could buzz in ur ear to get u to turn on me. I want u to know that my intentions and who I am and why I am here are as crystal clear as they come before u approach me. So pray about it and see what the Holiest tells u. After all, that's another reason I am here. To be a role model, a living breathing example, for the royal holy children of the Earth, Sun, and all of the Holy Cosmos to remember what it really means to be on the side of holiness in this spiritual war and how to return to the KNOWING and devotion of our HOLY CREATOR. So holiness can REIGN ONCE AGAIN. And so innocent lives will no longer suffer or be traumatized at the hands of the evil ones. Bc my heart simply cannot take it. And I vowed to not stop until EARTH IS NO LONGER BEING TRAUMATIZED UNTIL CHILDREN ARE NO LONGER BEING TRAUMATIZED UNTIL ANIMALS AND ALL OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS NOT BEING TRAUMATIZED EVER AGAIN. The key is knowing what that means. And I do. MUAH 💋


MSW, University of Michigan 2011

BA Psychology, University of Michigan 2008

8080 hours worked under LMSW supervision serving those who are primarily homeless w severe mental illness and drug or alcohol addictions

Received award from State of Michigan for successfully winning all of my SOAR applications to help my clients get on SSI or SSDI 


In my professional life, I have helped so many ppl who were homeless get income or get housed but working for the Babylonian system was just putting out fire after fire that never got to the ROOT of the problem and felt very immoral to me to be taking a check from the same system that was creating the problems for the ppl I took an oath to protect and serve. And so I quit. And swore I would figure out how to help my ppl FOR REAL. OUTSIDE OF THE BABYLONIAN SYSTEMS. I did not regret leaving that line of work. It was hard for me to leave the ppl I was serving tho. Bc they were so good to me. They respected me. They reciprocated to me the sincerity I put into being of service to them. Bc they knew my heart was sincere. And I did not want them to feel abandoned yet again by someone else in their life. But I felt blocked from truly helping them the way they deserve. And so I had to leave to find another way. And yes it is tru that my life took a series of unfortunate events that led me to living in my van, The Mothership. But it is also tru that I need to live a nomadic lifestyle as part of my mission to end homelessness n poverty n ALL INJUSTICES which means ALL EVIL, FOR GOOD. After all I swore I would break the curse of evil bc the children of the Sun, Earth & Holy Cosmos will NEVER be anything less than royalty in my eyes. And so I am here to REbuild the paradise that was STOLEN from them so they can exist safely once again.. 

And so I am simply turning my own traumas into gold. Traumas which create poverty n homelessness n all the other injustices of the world which leave so many GOOD PPL vulnerable n alone n feeling like they have no one can they trust bc so many IMPURE hearted ppl want to take advantage of their vulnerabilities further perpetuating more n more trauma. 

I promised that I would fix this problem at the ROOT.

This is what The Mothership Project is all about. This is what the resurrection of paradise IS. 

I saw a vision of myself swimming around the rotting roots of this very ancient tree, untwisting them, bringing life back into them...then watching life resurrect 

There are a plethora of other reasons I value living on the road in the Mothership more than I do in an apt or home other than the ones I mentioned above. This lifestyle is all encompassing of who I am and what allows me to take the best care of myself and my dog and my work and the earth and of holy creation. Living simple and humble is not just good for me but for earth. To be as symbiotic w life as possible bc this is what allows me to embody the most powerful healing energy. And it also allows me to work my holy magic a lot more powerfully bc I just happen to be rly good at breaking the curses that are plaguing this earth. And so wherever I travel, I am called to be there by Earth to break those curses which allows for more life to flourish. I've been on the road now for over 3 years (I got on the road just a few months before the pandemic started) and I have visited multiple places once over and I have seen those places healing and prospering and creating far more life than they did the first time I was there. I have prayed deeply w tears streaming down my face for these lands to get the much needed water bc they are so dehydrated and then days later I watch deserts that barely see rain, flood. So I am well aware of how powerful my magic is. But bc of this gift, I also need to be careful and not stay in one spot for too long. Bc there are some ppl on this planet who rly don't want me breaking these curses. Who want to keep evil alive. And so much like a lionesss, I tend to move every 3 days or so. My life rly is like living in the wild. But this keeps me as close to the balance of nature and the truth of nature and the healing that she needs and that her children need to ensure that paradise can thrive here once again. 


There is so much more to my journey but this is a small snippet to help u better understand how deep this is for me. How this is not "van life" but Mothership life. Bc the resurrection of paradise is the ultimate healing of our earth which is our MOTHERSHIP. We must take the absolute best care of her which also takes the best care of us. Symbiosis and reciprocity and humility for where we all need to step it up and do better for her and ourselves and each other go hand in hand... 

TO learn more about my story and who I am you can tune into my Mothership Journey Series on Channel 369 (must be a yearly temple member to watch) where I will share why I do all I do to create a better SAFE world for the pure of heart to thrive and shine and be in peace in.

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